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Optimize product blending using Excel spreadsheets and Lingo software—Part 2

A.K.C. Technology: Coker, A. K.
Texas A&M University: Alsuhaibani, A.

Linear programming (LP) for blending. LP is an optimization model that can be used to good advantage despite the highly nonlinear characteristics of the fluid flow-cash flow model.

Achieve zero execution errors through procedure clarity

Voovio Technologies: Montemurro, F.

It is well-documented that many unplanned manufacturing events could have been prevented if procedures were executed properly.

Key instrumentation technologies to tackle the toughest measurement challenges

Emerson Automation Solutions: Oberle, C.  |  Bonkat, T.

Just as some people seek out extreme sports, process manufacturing has its extreme applications, and engineers who design for these environments must find ways to safely contain and monitor all manner of dangerous reactions and products.

Digital: Safety, simplicity and productivity provide the value needed in plant operations

Endress+Hauser: David, A.

In today’s manufacturing environment, process automation professionals must choose from a multitude of widgets and innovations to help their plants run more smoothly.

Taking on petrochemical plant hurdles with networking smarts

Rajant Corp.: Rivero, A.

The petrochemical industry is facing one of the most significant challenges in its history.

Process control reimagined

Yokogawa: Yamaguchi, A.  |  Ikegaya, Y.

Imagine visiting the control room of a typical process unit at a refinery.


What are the latest advancements in HPI technologies? This month’s Innovations section details the tools and technologies that are optimizing plant operations.

Optimize product blending using Excel spreadsheets and LINGO software—Part 1

A.K.C. Technology: Coker, A. K.
Texas A&M University: Alsuhaibani, A.

Linear programming (LP) is an optimization modelling technique in which a linear function is maximized or minimized when subjected to various constraints.

Business Trends: Attracting digital talent for petrochemicals: You need a new brand strategy

Airswift: Sanches, M.

According to Deloitte, the future success of most chemical companies relies on three areas: growth and innovation, performance and cost optimization, and sustainability and the circular economy.

Quantum leap in chemical plant safety and reliability through mobile technology

Fitiri: Murugan, A.
SVP Chemical Plant Services: Pattabathula, V.

The human factor has played a significant role in chemical plant accidents and production loss incidents over the past 60 yr.