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How to Cut Emissions & Fuel + Increase Capacity in Fired Heaters
15 September 2023

Fired heaters have the greatest running cost in a refinery or a petrochemical site. If any one of these heaters is 1% or 2% inefficient it can consume an additional $1MM in fuel over a year or result in millions of dollars in lost revenue. High fuel consumption also translates to high emissions. Units of particular interest include Catalytic Reformers, Steam Methane Reformers (SMR), and Ethylene Furnaces. This whitepaper will discuss solutions to issues in the radiant and convection sections of fired heaters, which affect performance and profitability.

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Refinery Water Quality Monitoring: How Real-Time Data Impacts Quality, Compliance, and Reuse
8 September 2023

Refinery water and wastewater quality must be closely monitored to meet production goals and regulatory requirements. Process monitoring programs help protect equipment and treatment systems by alerting of any deviations. Monitoring tools are also needed to help increase water reuse onsite and reduce overall water footprint. Real-time data from total organic carbon (TOC) monitoring allows plants to make data-driven decisions from river intake to river discharge to support process efficiency, cost control, and environmental sustainability.

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PSSAP Advances Safer Industrial Operations
7 September 2023

With its PSSAP program, the American Petroleum Institute has been a global leader in promoting the safe operation of facilities that process hydrocarbons or hazardous chemicals. Learn how PSSAP, with its rigorous assessment methodologies, drives safer industrial practices while reducing the risk of accidents, injuries and environmental incidents.

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Doubling the Standard in Passive Fire Protection Testing
5 September 2023

From the construction of hydrocarbon processing facilities in exceedingly harsh climates, to more complex fire scenarios that can potentially involve cryogenic spills and explosions, the oil & gas and petrochemical industry is faced with a wide range of challenges when it comes to passive fire protection (PFP).

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Turbocompressors serve as centerpiece of Co2 capture at Marquis bioethanol plant
15 August 2023

The capture, use and storage (CCUS) of CO2 emissions is becoming an increasingly established part of hydrocarbon processing and the energy industry. Most CCUS applications around the world require compression technology, and Marquis’ upcoming CCS plant in Illinois is no different. The plant is one of the largest dry-mill ethanol production facilities in the world, and when up and running, Atlas Copco Gas and Process-supplied integrally geared centrifugal compressors will play a central role in capturing 1.2 million metric tons of CO2 every year.

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5 Critical Questions to Ask when selecting End to End optimization Solution
20 July 2023

There is a need to increase the scope of closed-loop optimization to a broader envelope and close the gaps between organizational silos responsible for optimization. Many companies have turned their attention to real-time end-to-end optimization of an entire facility and enterprise. What is quickly realized, however, is that the problem is exponentially challenging due to the sheer number of manipulated and controlled variables, complex interdependency, time scale difference, and non-linear relationship, as well as the requirement of constraint prioritization, feasible solutions, and effective performance monitoring for sustained benefits.

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Meeting the Global Methane Pledge
16 June 2023

The US Government and leading companies, including many in the oil and gas industry, have committed to lowering methane emissions through improved monitoring of production and infrastructure. Download this white paper to learn more about these methane reduction pledges and innovative leak detection technology that can help you meet these objectives quickly and cost effectively.

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Digitalization Strategies to Gain Leadership in Sustainability
15 June 2023

How will you navigate pressures to reduce carbon emissions and still meet evolving energy demands? It’s a dual challenge that requires new strategies—and digital technologies—you can adopt more quickly and easily than you might think. Download this paper to learn how to join your peers on the fast track to greater sustainability and profitability.

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