Petrofac Uses Digital Work Instructions on RealWear Wearables to Enhance Frontline Productivity
2 March 2023

Discover how major oil and gas companies are using digital work instructions on RealWear’s intrinsically safe head-mounted wearables to deliver significant benefits in productivity for the frontline. Leading service provider Petrofac is utilizing RealWear’s solution to enhance audit reports, reduce equipment downtime, cut down on travel, and save the company time and money. Download our whitepaper to learn more about how RealWear is helping to transform the frontline workforce in oil & gas.

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EFEXIS and Path to Autonomous Operations
1 February 2023

In this white paper, we will first outline Chiyoda Corporation's digital solution, EFEXIS, and describe our vision for autonomous operation. Next, we will describe the technologies and proven or expected benefits from the EFEXIS solutions. Our solutions for operation optimization and improving availability include LNG Plant AI Optimizer, FCC AI Optimizer, CDU Optima, Foaming Prediction AI System and Asset Monitoring AI System. Finally, we will discuss future prospects for EFEXIS solutions.

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Digitalization Strategies to Gain Leadership in Sustainability
26 January 2023

These are challenging times for many industries - the world demands ever more energy, but with a reduced carbon footprint. Meeting that dual challenge will require new strategies and solutions, and technology in support of digitalization. Download this paper to learn more about the strategies that are helping companies like yours navigate today’s challenges, achieve sustainability goals and still remain profitable.

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On-Site Corrosion Surveys Enhance Safety, Maintain Production, Extend Service
3 January 2023

Performing proactive, preventive coatings maintenance is the best approach for keeping assets used in oil and gas facilities up and running. That means addressing noticeable coatings issues before they progress and scheduling inspections and restorations based on preplanned intervals. Doing so allows facilities to maintain appropriate corrosion protection that will help them extend asset lives and safeguard their bottom lines.

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High Efficiency Contaminant Removal Improving New and Existing Acid Gas Sweetening Processes
7 December 2022

Overview Gas sweetening processes using amine solvents are often challenged to meet productivity and reliability targets due to the impact of solid and liquid contamination. Some commonly seen issues are foaming, fouling and corrosion which lead to production loss from unscheduled downtime, reduced flowrate capability, regeneration issues, and increased maintenance labor and equipment costs.

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Evaluation Guide to Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
1 December 2022

Sponsored by: ABB

When evaluating a CEMS solutions, your tendency might be to focus on the initial cost rather that key factors that may significantly influence the total cost of ownership over time. To help with this, ABB has produced this educational and informative guide to evaluating and purchasing your CEMS solution. Download this guide from requirement to solution for your Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) needs. You will find relevant insights and experiences from industry experts along with recommendations for each of the major considerations relating to the selection and purchasing of a CEMS solution.

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World Scale Crude to Olefins
1 December 2022

The Crude-to-Chemicals project is designed for world-scale petrochemicals production to deliver a flexible, bankable, and sustainable free-market investment. Through strong cooperation with the customer, Honeywell UOP has developed a configuration that enables 100% net olefins derived products². The Molecular Management Solution, also called the Integrated Olefin Suite (IOS), leverages commercially demonstrated and proven UOP technologies deployed in a way to optimize the Steam Cracker yields and margin cost-effectively to produce this bankable solution.

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Electrification and the Path to Net Zero: The Crucial Role Digital Technology Will Play
18 November 2022

Sponsored by: AspenTech 

Electrification is accelerating across all economic sectors as the world increases demand for resources, energy and sustainability. The shift from fossil-based systems to electric will drive change within the existing power infrastructure and beyond with new microgrids and self-generation at industrial sites. 

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