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HPI Market Data 2022

Global lockdowns and travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic took a significant toll on refined fuels, petrochemicals and natural gas demand globally. However, as restrictions eased, demand and capital investments in new processing capacity are increasing. Where is demand/supply forecasted to go? What kind of capital investments are being made in new processing capacity? What regulations and government/company initiatives will drastically affect future spending? These questions, along with major trends in the refining, petrochemicals, gas processing/LNG, maintenance and equipment sectors, are detailed and analyzed in HPI MARKET DATA 2022.

Produced annually by the editors of Hydrocarbon Processing since 1973 and featuring data provided by governments, associations, public and private companies and institutions, and Gulf Energy Information's Global Energy Infrastructure database, this comprehensive resource provides critical insight into HPI market trends, spending and activity.

Obtain HPI MARKET DATA 2022 to:

  • Plan strategically for 2022 and beyond
  • See how COVID-19 affected spending, final investment decisions and capital projects globally
  • Locate new opportunities in today's challenging environment
  • Learn about new regulations and government initiatives that are affecting product specifications, supply/demand and technologies
  • Obtain regional, country-wide and industry market analysis to inform your planning
  • Discover how spending trends by sector will impact your company.
HPI Market Data 2022

H2Tech Market Data 2023

The global H2 market—in terms of both production and demand—is showing persistent growth even amidst the fallout of COVID-19, infrastructure and application challenges, and disrupting geopolitical developments. The H2 economy is evolving rapidly with growing demand and investments in production, infrastructure and applications. New technologies are being launched, production and logistics are being scaled up, and project developments are being earmarked, leading to a strong build-out of the H2 economy.

As governments and companies look to H2 as their path to net-zero, H2Tech Market Data 2023 is being launched to provide a much-needed resource to scale this path. This analysis is aimed to provide a detailed report on market dynamics, capital projects and market trends in the global H2 value chain. In this work, readers will find answers to application and investment decision questions through a data-driven analysis of:

  • Applications driving the global H2 market
  • Type and scope of H2 production and infrastructure projects
  • H2 sector and regions with the most aggressive capital investments
  • H2 demand forecast and applications
  • Infrastructure and construction forecast
  • H2 strategies impacting investments and the deployment of technologies and applications
  • Low-carbonH2 production technologies and carbon capture, utilization and storage
  • H2 storage and transport.

Order H2Tech Market Data 2023 to:

  • Plan your strategic investments for 2023 and beyond
  • Learn about policies supporting the H2 economy and how government incentives buoyed the industry during the COVID-19 downturn
  • Learn about H2 production pathways and technology offerings in the market
  • Understand and compare which H2 technologies might work for you
  • Obtain regional and global, and long- and shortterm market projections to plan your investments
  • Learn about and locate capital expenditures in the global H2 sector.
H2Tech Market Data 2023