Environment & Safety

Viewpoint: The pathway towards autonomy: How process automation is building the future plant

Urso, J., Honeywell Process Solutions

Hydrocarbon Processing sat down with Jason Urso (JU), Chief Technology Officer, Honeywell Process Solutions, to discuss the current state of the process automation industry, how new technologies are enhancing efficiency and safety, and what the future holds for automation.

Why compact actuation solutions are ideal for constrained space installations

Rakita, M., Emerson Automation Solutions

Many oil and gas industry applications face space constraints. This limitation requires more compact solutions providing the same performance as traditional alternatives, and this is particularly true in many valve installations, where actuators often require an inordinate amount of space.

History of the HPI: The 1990s: Clean fuels and emissions mitigation, M&A, GTL and the fieldbus wars

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Much like several initiatives passed in the 1970s and 1980s, the 1990s were a decade heavily focused on environmental issues, with many new regulations being enacted to not only mitigate industrial and vehicle emissions but also to advance the production of clean fuels globally.

U.S. Department of Energy announces $32 MM to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas sector

The U.S. Department of Energy announced up to $32 MM in funding toward the research and development of new monitoring, measurement, and mitigation technologies to help detect and reduce methane emissions across oil and natural gas producing regions.

The downstream rundown: In case you missed it 08/05

In case you missed any downstream news, here are the top stories from last week.

Hydrocarbon Processing announces finalists for the 2022 Awards Program

The HP Awards celebrate innovative technologies and people that have been instrumental in improving facility operations over the past year.

Neste and HELLENIC PETROLEUM to supply sustainable aviation fuel in Greece and to Aegean Airlines

The agreement is in line with HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group’s strategic goal to become a provider of low-carbon energy solutions and to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2030.

BASF enters power agreements for clean energy supply of more than 20 BASF sites across the United States

BASF is committed to renewable energy solutions to power its sites across the United States and has entered into virtual power purchase agreements for wind and solar power totaling 250 megawatts.

Neste and Avfuel supply SAF to Viva Aerobus

Viva Aerobus took its first flight powered by SAF from Los Angeles to Guadalajara on June 15. The uplift was made possible by the partnership between Avfuel and Neste.

Lufthansa and Shell form future-oriented cooperation on SAF

Shell International and the Lufthansa Group have signed an MoU for exploring the supply of SAF at airports across the globe. The parties intend to agree on a contract for a total supply volume of up to 1.8 MMt of SAF starting in 2024.