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November 2023


Special Focus: Process Controls, Instrumentation and Automation

Identify anomalies among base prover volumes of bidirectional prover
Saudi Aramco: Bhatasana, C. N.

It is important to accurately measure hydrocarbon commodities transferred through pipelines or marine terminals at the point where ownership of the commodity is transferred.

Simplify oil and gas predictive modeling
MarqMetrix: Marquardt, B

Chemometrics, the application of statistics to the field of chemical analysis, is often used in the oil and gas industry to make product quality predictions.

Process Optimization

The propylene production gap is an opportunity for integrated downstream players—Part 1
Petrobras: Da Silva, M. W.

Among the challenges in the global crude oil refining industry are the price volatility of raw materials and the pressure from society to reduce environmental impacts, as well as reduced margins.

Carbon formation and removal in the steam reforming process

Syngas produced by the steam reforming process is widely used across the refining and petrochemical industries for ammonia, methanol and hydrogen production.

Sample high-viscosity fluids safely in refinery settings
Swagelok: Dixon, M.

In a modern refinery setting, production processes are expected to be streamlined to maximize value from beginning to end.

Biofuels and Alternative/Renewable Fuels

Reaction control for hydrotreatment of bio-based oils in renewable diesel production
Emerson: Degnan, E

Over the past few years, the carbon footprint of the transportation industry has drawn attention as an area where much can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Take the mystery out of running your LNG plant
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.: Roberts, M . J.  |  Schmidt, W. P.  |  Gripp, S.

Many natural gas liquefaction plants with production capacities ranging from 0.5 MMtpy to 8 MMtpy use mixed refrigerants to cool and liquefy the feed.

Maintenance and Reliability

Differential thermal expansion and welding problems in dissimilar joint of carbon steel to austenitic stainless-steel piping in high-temperature applications
Freelance, Consultant: Choudhury, M. G.
Reliance Industries Ltd.: Tiwari, V. K.
KBR: Ashesh, A.

Joining dissimilar piping materials has found widespread application in various process plant piping, most notably in jacketed piping with carbon-steel jackets and austenitic stainless-steel core piping with stainless-steel end closures that require welding to carbon-steel jacket piping.

To improve maintenance, check out the view from the edge
Emerson: Overton, B.

Today’s hydrocarbon process manufacturing operations are almost unrecognizable from those of just 10 yr ago.

Water Management

Energy savings through the renewal of cooling tower fan blades
Tüpraş: Oğuş, E.

The cooling water system in a refinery consists of four loops that can be operated independently.

Valves, Pumps and Turbomachinery

Maximizing the advantages of electric actuator diagnostics
Emerson: Gundaboina, B.  |  Kmitta, A.

Driven by stringent greenhouse gas emissions regulations and technical improvements, electric valve actuators are becoming increasingly common in applications throughout the process industry.

Business Trends: Refinery transactions: A window of opportunity?
McKinsey & Co.: Fitzgibbon, T.  |  Shankar, A.  |  Vukomanoic, L.  |  Green, P.

In today's rapidly changing energy landscape, refinery transactions have become a focal point of investment discussions.

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

Emerson, a global software and engineering leader, is improving perimeter security for the DeltaV™ distributed control system with its new NextGen Smart Firewall, a purpose-built control system firewall designed to provide easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain perimeter security for all industries.

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

Joseph Ford appointed Conval Engineering Manager