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November 2020


Special Focus: Process Controls, Instrumentation and Automation

Increase uptime by reducing systematic failure risk
Endress+Hauser: Siew, H.

Pondering the history of industrial incidents, it would be incorrect to assume that most failures occur randomly.

Advanced process control for unsteady-state operation: A lesser-known technique

A goal of all process industries is to run the plant in a steady-state zone of operation, improving optimization and control, and producing more benefits.

Seven imperatives for modern inventory management solutions
Honeywell Process Solutions: Ramesh Murugan, N.

Today’s terminal operators are facing several challenges related to the profitability of their bulk terminal, petrochemical and oil field storage sites.

Virtual analyzers: Shaping the future of product quality
Validere: Robinson, P.  |  O'Hara, T.

Product quality directly drives price and where hydrocarbons can be delivered.

Process Optimization

Optimization study for vacuum offgas amine sweetening unit using simulation model
Tüpraş: Özsağiroğlu, E.

Technology is constantly developing, and the competition is intense.

Unconventional improvement of propylene recovery yield at the PP splitter
Aggreko Process Services EMEA: Capra, M.

Thermocompression-equipped propane-propylene (PP) splitters are used to upgrade large quantities of refinery-grade propylene (RGP) to polymer-grade propylene (PGP).


Achieve refinery cost savings with real-time hydrogen monitoring
H2scan: Herman, G.

As stay-at-home orders and state mandates to shelter in place made waves around the globe in early 2020, nearly every industry was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

From siloed to connected: Why the oil and gas industry is going digital
Thermo Fisher Scientific: Van Cann, B.

Oil, gas and petrochemical organizations generate vast amounts of data throughout their operations, from exploration and extraction to refining, testing and real-time monitoring.

Extracting business value from digitalization in oil and gas
Petasense: Bradley, D.

Most oil and gas companies are investing in digitalization; however, they often fail to move beyond proof of value (PoV) or pilot projects.

Creating a roadmap for professional skills in Industry 4.0
University of Deusto: Akyazi, T.  |  Oyarbide, A.  |  Goti, A.  |  Gaviria, J.
Sidenor Aceros Especiales SLU: Bayon, F.

The oil and gas industry has overcome many challenges by keeping up with technology advances, achieving cost-effective practices and meeting energy efficiency requirements.

Heat Transfer

Fired heaters in the process industries: Optimizing operations and minimizing emissions
Yokogawa Corp. of America: Finnan, K.  |  Meyer, E.

The process industries, which include chemicals, metals and mining, oil and gas, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, and refining, are very energy intensive

Terminals and Storage

Maximize the value of tank laser scan data
PEMY Consulting: Trotter, B.

API 653 Annex B is the standard for evaluating tank bottom settlement.

Maintenance and Reliability

High-pressure gas compressor dry gas seal system enhancement case study
Saudi Aramco: Al Dossary, F.  |  Al Turiki, A.  |  Al-Alshaikh, T.

The Khurais producing department (KhPD) consists of four oil trains: each oil train is responsible for receiving, stabilizing and purifying the crude oil from the wells by removing sand, water, gas and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) contents to make the oil ready for use and shipment to refineries.

What went wrong with my furnace?
Engineers India Ltd.: Patel, R.  |  Mahra, R. K.

We should learn from our own mistakes and experiences, but it is wiser to keep track of and learn from all past mistakes and experiences, including those made by others.

Valves, Pumps and Turbomachinery

Selecting the right rotary control valve
Emerson: Helfer, W.  |  Jablonski, J.

The primary function of a control valve is to regulate flow. Accurate, consistent and reliable performance of this task affects many important process unit or plant metrics,

Advances in compressor anti-surge valve design enhance reliability and performance
Flowserve Corp.: Haines, B.  |  Nelson, M. P.

Centrifugal and axial compressors are some of the most critical components used within a process plant to handle gases.

Improving process pumps requires technical and managerial action
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

For many years, manufacturers have emphasized low price over high reliability.


Editorial Comment: Optimizing operations by advancing process controls, instrumentation and automation technologies
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

When driving by or visiting a refinery or petrochemical plant, one cannot help but gaze at the expansive sea of metal towers.

Reliability: What to do when equipment reliability is on a downward slope
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

When a reliability professional located halfway around the world asked for guidance on how to reverse declining equipment reliability at his world-scale fertilizer plant, we answered.

Engineering Case Histories: Case 110: A checklist for vibration analysis
Consulting Engineer: Sofronas, A.

Periodically, I receive questions from engineers around the world on why a piece of critical machinery is vibrating excessively.

Digital: Harnessing the power of digital platforms to improve plant performance and increase customer success
ExxonMobil: Ratcliff, K.

Digital online platforms offer significant potential benefits across the oil and gas value chain by employing advanced analytical tools and near-real-time access to technical expertise to improve day-to-day plant performance.

Industry Perspectives: Top Projects 2020—Voting is still open
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

As mentioned in the editorial comment of the October issue of <i>Hydrocarbon Processing</i>, the nominees for the 2020 Top Project Awards are out.

Business Trends: A sustainable future—Unraveled
Sulzer GTC Technology: Gentry, J.

With the prominence in the oil and gas industry around sustainability, it is worthwhile to examine what it means to be “sustainable.”

Global Project Data
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

<i>Hydrocarbon Processing’s</i> Construction Boxscore Database is tracking nearly 1,400 projects around the world.