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Tune engineering teams in innovative green development projects

The energy sector is executing demanding projects to make LNG plants and refineries greener, and to implement completely new green energy solutions.

Advancing the feature sets of field instruments to improve connectivity, diagnostics and user-friendliness

Emerson: Wiens, M.

Anyone observing process industries these days recognizes that they are very competitive.

Viewpoint: Empowering women in engineering

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is celebrated worldwide on June 23 every year to honor women in the engineering field. Hydrocarbon Processing (HP) sat down with Paula Fitzpatrick (PF), VP of Projects for the U.S., at Kent for an exclusive Q&A in celebration of INWED.

Angola fuel hike protesters clash with police

Angolan police fired tear gas in the capital Luanda and other cities Benguela and Namibe as thousands of protesters took to the streets a week after clashes over a recent fuel hike killed at least five people.

Former F1 boss racing to create ‘guilt free’ fuel

Formula One is seen as one of the most gas guzzling of sports but one top engineer and former F1 team boss Paddy Lowe is seeking to change this with the launch of a so-called guilt-free synthetic fuel.

HxGN LIVE Global 2023: Optimization at scale

The HxGN LIVE Global 2023 conference is underway June 12-15, 2023, at the new Caesars Forum convention center in Las Vegas. More than 3,600 attendees from some 70 countries are attending the digital reality technology conference, where they can experience the autonomous future, explore and discuss a broad range of challenges and opportunities common across many industries, as well as learn about the latest technologies shaping the future.

bp's Toledo refinery suffered cascade of malfunctions before fatal explosion

Supervisors at bp's Toledo, Ohio refinery opted to keep the plant running despite a series of malfunctions and a petroleum spill in the hours before an accident that killed two workers last year.

Fuel subsidy removal to save Nigeria 'from going under', president says

Nigeria's new President Bola Tinubu said his decision to remove a popular petrol subsidy would impose an extra burden on citizens but this would free up money for education, regular power supply, transport infrastructure and healthcare.

Poland to take 2035 fossil fuel car ban to top EU court

Poland will appeal against European Union rules to end the sale of fossil fuel cars across the bloc from 2035 to the top EU court within days.

Catalytic cracking unit at Venezuela's Cardon refinery shut down

The catalytic cracking unit at Venezuela's Cardon refinery, the country's second-biggest, has broken down and paused operations since the middle of the week.