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Leveraging Integrated Butadiene Extraction for Maximum Value
24 October 2023

Sponsored By: Lummus Technology

Butadiene is an important chemical which is used to make synthetic rubbers for the manufacture of tires, shoe soles, adhesives, sealants and many other products. Butene and butane rich products can be further processed in other units to create an array of useful consumer and industrial materials. Central to this practice is the butadiene extraction process which can be integrated with a C4 acetylenes hydrogenation process to increase butadiene production, as well as with selective olefins extraction units to produce butene and butane rich products. 

This webcast will cover:

  • Detailed descriptions of the butadiene extraction, C4 acetylenes hydrogenation and selective olefins extraction processes
  • The value enhancements associated with integrating C4 acetylenes hydrogenation and selective olefins extraction units with a butadiene extraction unit
  • The Lummus Technology/BASF butadiene extraction technologies and routes
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How Low Carbon H2 can support the SAF Production
17 October 2023

Sponsored by: Axens

Axens will introduce some technologies that are producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) such as Alcohol to Jet, Fischer Tropsch (Biomass to liquid, Power to liquid), HEFA etc... some of the most promising pathways to support the decarbonization of the aviation sector. All of them are using hydrogen in different quantities with a strong impact in the project related to profitability (ie cost of H2) and the carbon footprint (ie origin of H2).The webcast will present some commercial projects, e-fuels and e-biofuels, where Axens is licensing its technologies and where low carbon H2 plays a key role. Some comparisons will be shown to show the H2 production cost versus the cost production of SAF.

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Technology Introduction: Lummus’ Ethanol to Jet Fuel Technology for the Growing SAF Demand
10 October 2023

Sponsored by: Lummus Technology

The conversion of ethanol to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) has become a point of greater interest due to the growing demand for jet fuel, the SAF Grand Challenge and the commitments from the aviation industry to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The ethanol to jet (ETJ) process offers an attractive path to comply with the SAF challenges due to ethanol supply-side economics and worldwide government incentives.

Join us for a virtual introduction of Lummus Technology’s green, sustainable and cost-effective ETJ technology that integrates ethanol to ethylene, ethylene oligomerization and hydrogenation in a configuration that maximizes the final yield to jet components, while reducing CAPEX, OPEX and CO2 emissions.

This webcast will cover:

  • Observations into today’s current SAF market, and related technologies and economics
  • Lummus’ ETJ technology features and benefits
  • Commercial experience and insights
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Real Time Optimizations for Complex Operations
5 October 2023

Sponsored by: Honeywell UOP

Digital Services Ecosystem is the key to Customer Success: In this era of Digitalization and Software, technology companies like Honeywell UOP stand to drive better differentiation and can solve complex customer problems by creating a Digital Ecosystem. Honeywell UOP, with its extensive knowledge of the process, has developed complex analytics that can predict plant performance, has a world-class training program, and have some of the industry-leading Service personnel helping customers with their problems. Still, an Ecosystem that brings all of these offerings together that a customer can seamlessly work through has a value vastly greater than the sum of the individual components. This webinar will focus on how these individual solutions can bring value to a customer and, at the same time, how an integrated approach can exponentially increase the value to the customer.

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How to get more productive time with data-driven TAR planning
28 September 2023

Sponsored by: Cognite

Time is the one, universal, finite resource that refineries can’t increase. With a hard limit of 24 hours in a day, how can operators spend time more productively?

Turnarounds are one of the largest offenders in stealing productive time, with around 50% of shutdown projects going over budget and schedule. Smarter upfront planning can help operators get back this precious resource, but doing this well remains challenging and inefficient. Today, TAR planners still face disjointed processes due to siloed information, lots of manual work, and difficulty collaborating across teams.

In this webinar, Cognite experts will discuss how refineries can claim back more time - their most precious resource - with smarter data-driven TAR planning processes. Using real-world examples and case studies, we will talk about the obvious and hidden ways that turnarounds steal time from your organization, and how to utilize new data contextualization solutions to claim that time back, year round.

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Accelerate the Growth of the Hydrogen Economy Featuring the US Hydrogen Alliance
19 September 2023

Sponsored by: AspenTech

The hydrogen economy has been gaining momentum in North America for the past two years, and this has only accelerated as the U.S. Department of Energy begins to implement the incentives provided in the recent IRA legislation.

Attend this webinar to get an update on the regulatory and investment landscape from Roxana Bekemohammadi, Founder and Executive Director of the US Hydrogen Alliance. Joining her will be Lee Nichols, VP of Content and Editor-in-Chief from Hydrocarbon Processing and Ron Beck, Senior Solution Marketing Director from AspenTech.

Some of the timely topics that will be covered include:

  • Current insights into hydrogen’s regulatory and investment landscape
  • The biggest opportunities found in the hydrogen economy
  • How digitalization increases feasibility of the green premium on hydrogen
  • Ways to deploy and scale commercialization of hydrogen

Learn how to optimize your hydrogen projects for maximum value. A Q&A session will follow so we encourage you to come prepared with questions.

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Accelerating Decarbonization: 3 Actions You Can Take to Make an Impact Now
12 September 2023

Sponsored by: Swagelok

Emissions reduction is at the forefront of many companies’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments. As oil and gas facility owners reach agreements with governing bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to curtail emissions, now is the time to understand how to capitalize on “easy wins” for emissions reduction so you can make necessary changes to your supply chain, specifications, and upgrade plans. Learning to control fugitive emissions is a good place to start, as these leaks not only threaten regulatory compliance, but can negatively impact your company’s profitability if left unchecked. 

Join us on September 12 to grow your knowledge in this important area. In a free webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Establishing a Low-E protocol for components, regardless of piping or tubing, focusing on API 641/624, ISO-15848-1, and EPA Method 21
  • Standardizing training for employees and contractors per IOGP, which will help increase safety, reduce leaks, and increase reliability of small bore systems
  • Auditing your utility systems and equipment to find efficiencies, focusing on boiler efficiencies to reduce base load
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How Grace Built a Better Vanadium Trap
15 August 2023

Sponsored by: W.R. Grace

In this session, W. R. Grace & Co. will introduce PARAGON FCC catalyst, which incorporates a novel, rare earth-based, vanadium trap into the highest matrix surface area catalyst solutions for the FCC. With PARAGON technology, refiners can widen their FCC operating window and increase feed flexibility for greater profitability. Find out more about the V-trapping technology and how this leads to maximum bottoms upgrading along with improved conversion at constant coke yield, allowing refiners to produce fuels in a more sustainable manner.

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