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FCC Revamps to Reduce CO2 and Drive Operational Efficiency
11 April 2023

Sponsored by: Lummus Technology

Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) processes have long been a trusted workhorse in the refining industry to meet market demand for fuels and petrochemicals. Operators consider FCC revamp projects to further expand product slate flexibility, increase efficiency and reliability and, in today’s environment, reduce CO2 to meet ever-tightening emissions targets. But how do you correctly plan your FCC revamp?

This webcast will present planning considerations and benefits to ensure your FCC revamp achieves all desired objectives, including:

  • Strategies for CO2 reduction to meet current and future emissions targets
  • Options for improving performance, reliability and profitability
  • Low-cost technology-based solutions to meet the refiner’s processing objectives while minimizing or eliminating constraints
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How a Major Refinery Deployed Real-Time Digital Twins for Multiple Units to Improve Operations
4 April 2023

Sponsored by: AspenTech

Now more than ever refineries are looking for ways to improve production performance and meet sustainability goals. Join experts from BPCL Kochi Refinery as they share their experience—and best practices—in deploying real-time, Aspen HYSYS®-based digital twins for CDU, Delayed Coker and Hydrocracker units.

Learn how the solution enables them to:

  • Improve product yields and minimize quality giveaways
  • Make better operational decisions from real-time insights into parameters that are otherwise hard to measure
  • Increase the yield of high-value products produced

See how you can improve your refinery operations with digital twins. A Q&A session will follow so come prepared with your questions.

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Empowering Advanced Work Packaging through Contracting to Ensure Project Success
28 March 2023

Sponsored by: AVEVA

Join Lee Tedstone and Tedd Weitzman to hear how the combination of contracting strategy, integrated project delivery and advanced work packaging foster good relationships between Owner and EPC and incentivize all stakeholders on a project. Multiple trends have coalesced to make it more important than ever for companies that initiate capital projects to set up effective governance of those projects. Join this webinar to find out more about how projects can achieve better outcomes by addressing:

  • Incentivize all project stakeholders toward a mutually beneficial outcome
  • A clear line of sight into project performance – addressing weakness in contract change management
  • Internal accountability for achievement of project goals
  • Effective contracting strategies
  • Rigorous communication and reporting
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Controlling Costs and Prioritizing Safety in Industrial Gas Systems
21 March 2023

Sponsored by: Swagelok

Gas systems can easily become an afterthought, especially if they are not transporting anything overtly hazardous. Yet even the most mundane gas leaks can add up to serious costs when they drive down the efficiency of equipment or lead to outright downtime. Specialty gas leaks are an even bigger problem—at best they are expensive, and at worst they are downright dangerous. So, what do you really need to know and do to keep your gas systems operating effectively?

Join us for this webinar to find out. We will cover:

  • Essential components of a gas distribution system
  • How to reliably maintain pressure in bottle-fed, compressed gas systems
  • Where to spend time and resources now to save money later
  • When to consider standard or configurable pre-built system designs
  • How to improve operator and environmental safety by reducing leaks and making smart design choices


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Futureproof your FCC Flue Gas with Honeywell UOP’s nViro™ FCC
14 March 2023

Sponsored by: Honeywell UOP

Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) is a mature technology that reliably produces high quality gasoline and petrochemicals that keep automobiles and economies running.  However, FCC flue gas is becoming a challenge for refiners who are now facing evolving emission regulations and a push to reduce CO2 emissions.

Join our webinar to learn about how Honeywell UOP can help bring your FCC into the future.

UOP's nViro™ FCC flue gas treatment for fluid catalytic cracking complexes helps refiners meet emission specifications from their FCC unit by reducing contaminants, including SOX, NOX, and particulates with heat recovery to improve efficiency and reduce scope 2 CO2 emissions and water utility. The patented UOP's nViro™ FCC solution can be designed to achieve emission specifications for a new FCC or an existing unit, or can be designed as pretreatment for a carbon capture system, to reduce CO2 footprint even further.

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Make Hydrogen a Viable, Practical Energy Solution with Digitalization
8 March 2023

Sponsored By: AspenTech

As the hydrogen economy continues to gain momentum, organizations are looking for faster, more efficient ways to design and deploy hydrogen projects. Growing pressure to meet sustainability targets is only increasing the demand to make these initiatives both viable and profitable. Digital technology is proving to deliver on the promise of hydrogen, helping companies significantly reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Join our experts as they discuss how new innovations in engineering enable you to:

  • Expedite hydrogen production and capacity scenarios with equipment-based modeling
  • Identify bottlenecks and alternatives to maximize hydrogen reliability and availability
  • Reduce schedules by validating layouts and construction sequences in early design

There will be a Q&A session following the event. We encourage you to join the conversation by submitting questions when registering.

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Growing Hydroprocessing profits with innovations from Honeywell UOP, featuring nViro™ Hydro
21 February 2023

Sponsored by: Honeywell UOP

While the growth of the fuels market from oil refining is slowing, tightening  fuel specifications, shifting product demands, and regional capacity rationalizations are pressuring refiners to do more with less. For hydroprocessing units, which are crucial to achieve both conversion to the fuels and petrochemical feedstock products and to ensure that specifications like diesel sulfur are met, this means new units need to be more profitable, and existing units are being pushed to their limits, processing higher throughputs and worse qualities of feed than the design basis.

Introducing UOP nViro™ Hydro, a waste monetization solution for hydroprocessing complexes  that converts  H2S and NH3 in acid gas and sour water streams to fertilizer to improve the economics of the hydroprocessing complex. nViro™ Hydro can be included with a new UOP Unionfining and/or Unicracking complex or can be evaluated via a revamp study of existing hydrotreating and/or hydrocracking complexes.

Join us to learn more about some of the potential benefits of nViro™ Hydro solutions and the synergies that are possible when nViro™ Hydro is combined with other hydroprocessing innovations from UOP. During the webinar, we will discuss the following:

  • Benefits of including nViro™ Hydro in a new Unicracking or Unionfining complex
  • nViro Hydro as a pathway to debottleneck existing hydroprocessing complexes, process higher throughput and/or more contaminated/heavier feedstocks
  • Leveraging UOP revamps & innovations in high activity catalyst, equipment, and process to get the most value out of existing hydroprocessing units


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Identifying the Right Net Zero Strategy for Refinery and Petrochemical Facilities
14 February 2023

Sponsor: Lummus Technology

Company leaders and boards of directors are digging deeper into the sustainability path and making commitments for their companies to achieve “Net Zero by 20xx.” But what does this mean for the plant management team who must execute on these plans?

At the operational level, multitasked staffs are dealing with aging assets and challenging production targets while trying to hit budgets and meet compliance goals. With seemingly endless options for decarbonization initiatives, plant leadership must accurately identify key objectives and technologies to plot the best course for achieving success in this space.

This webcast will cover:

  • Planning successfully for a net zero future at the plant level
  • Evaluating the best options for each plant and asset
  • Employing digital solutions for quick wins and foundational growth and change
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