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Fueling Future Aviation with CO2 to Jet Technology
13 June 2023

Sponsored by: Honeywell UOP

As the world strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) will continue to be a rapidly growing market. The available global triglyceride feedstocks are insufficient to meet the increasing demand for SAF and additional pathways are necessary. Meeting future demand will require efficient “power to liquids” pathways, which produce eFuels from CO2 using green electricity. This presentation provides an overview of what drives SAF demand, the most promising routes to SAF today, and Honeywell’s efficient, scalable solution for CO2 to jet production: the UOP eFining™ process.

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Striking a balance between electrification and fuel firing in refinery and petrochemical heaters
6 June 2023

Sponsored by: Lummus Technology 

Societal demand for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is leading to a major shift in the way energy is used within refineries and petrochemical facilities. This webcast will discuss several options for supplementing existing and new fired heaters, fully or partially, through electric heating, as well as:

  • The conversion of electric power to heat in large scale heaters
  • The heater structure, layout and safety considerations
  • The electrical supply and related interfaces
  • An introduction to Lummus’ SRT-e™ electric cracking heater
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From Design to Operations—Optimize CAPEX, Reduce Risk and Maximize Performance
23 May 2023

Sponsored by: AspenTech

The design and debottleneck of plants often require multiple iterations of engineering and capital expenditure (CAPEX) analysis. No matter how well an asset is designed, once operational, new variables come into play allowing for further optimization opportunities to arise.  The handoffs between design, construction and operations bring new wrinkles to the entire system. What may seem like an inconsequential decision in one area may have a significant impact in another. 

Join AspenTech experts as they discuss how to bridge the gap between design and operations to deliver the best possible ROI and performance from your plant decisions using advanced digital tools. Learn how you can use these solutions to:

  • Identify the potential risk/rewards associated with CAPEX (including sizing storage) and operational decisions
  • Identify major process and equipment redundancies and by-passes to improve efficiency
  • Track system performance across the asset lifecycle (e.g., production, revenue, maintenance costs)
  • Optimize asset maintenance strategy and stock level of spares

Register now and learn how you can enhance capital project design and achieve excellence in operations and maintenance.

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Guide Your Carbon Mitigation Strategy with Better Insights
16 May 2023

Sponsored by: AspenTech

Do you have an accurate, enterprise view of your emissions? Are you taking the most cost-effective path to net zero? How do you balance sustainability with producing affordable energy or chemical products?

Join our experts as they discuss new digital innovations that provide a real-time view of carbon emissions across global sites. Learn how leading companies are using these insights to make faster, smarter decisions to not only reduce emissions but also improve overall efficiency. See how your teams can leverage this emission management solution to:

  • Guide carbon mitigation strategies with insights into energy costs, usage and more
  • Bring together key technologies to optimize profitability, safety and compliance
  • Create measurable value with customizable, enterprise-wide visualization
  • Plan and optimize new sustainability initiatives such as bio-feedstock co-processing

Don’t miss this informative webinar on the technology that top refining and chemical companies helped develop. A Q&A session will follow so come prepared with your questions.

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Balancing Energy Security, Affordability and Sustainability
9 May 2023

Sponsored by: AspenTech 

Disruptions in energy markets, lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, conflict in Europe – all have added to the Energy Trilemma. Digital solutions are playing a critical role in identifying pathways to address the dual challenge of meeting the growing need for energy and resources while reducing emissions.

Please join Vice-President of Content of Gulf Energy Information, Lee Nichols, Dr. Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy and Dr. Paige Marie Morse, Sustainability Advisor at AspenTech, for a panel discussion moderated by Ron Beck, Sr. Director Solutions Marketing at AspenTech, as they address a range of topics, including:

  • How the last 18 month rebalanced the narrative of energy security and sustainability
  • How digital technology fits into the industry transition and balancing act
  • The implications for the Inflation Reduction Act’s “carrot” approach as opposed to the “stick”

Attend this free webinar and get actionable ideas for how your company can address the challenging balancing act in today’s energy markets. There will be a Q&A session following the event. We encourage you to join the conversation by submitting questions when registering.

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Increasing Your Profitability in the Petrochemicals Market through State-of-the-Art Laboratory & Online Measurements
2 May 2023

Sponsored by: Petroleum Analyzer Company

The Oil & Gas industry is experiencing an important transition fueled by:

  • A continuously growing demand for petrochemicals
  • Increasingly complex crude slates paired with low refinery profit margins
  • Augmented e-mobility capabilities contrasted by a stagnant demand for transportation fuels
  • Increasing investments towards circular economy initiatives like:
    • Incentivizing the use of biofuels and bio-based co-processed feedstocks
    • Growing interest in plastic recycling for plastic waste pyrolysis oil

Such a shift calls for the repurposing of billions of dollars’ worth of existing assets, triggering new investments in both existing petrochemical manufacturing technologies, as well as innovative crude oil-to-chemical (COTC) technologies.

This webinar will explore:

  • The latest advancements in the petrochemical market
  • The emerging feedstocks, products, and associated measurement challenges
  • Solutions for optimizing profitability in both lab and process environments


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The Playbook for Scaling up the Hydrogen Economy with Carbon Capture
18 April 2023

Sponsored by: Honeywell UOP

To meet Net Zero emissions targets, demand for Hydrogen is expected to have to increase up to ten-fold by 2050, and industry reports predict that 8 to 24% of the world’s energy demand will be supplied by Hydrogen. Hydrogen has a unique ability to be a decarbonized fuel of the future in the refining, chemicals, heating, long-haul transport, and long-term power storage sectors – all of which currently produce significant CO2 emissions.  Traditional Hydrogen production still emits a significant amount of CO2; for Hydrogen to be effective in reducing emissions, it must be produced with significantly lower carbon intensity than is practiced today. Further, each of these sectors will require the supplied hydrogen to meet purity and product conditions that are tailored to the end use.  This presentation will share the playbook for scaling the Hydrogen economy through the production of low carbon Hydrogen in the next decade, while providing examples of Honeywell's pre- combustion and post-combustion CO2 capture systems optimized to serve various end-use applications.  Additionally, this presentation will highlight Honeywell’s solutions for CO2 emissions reduction in ‘hard to decarbonize’ sectors such as power, steel, and cement.  We will feature some recent stories from real customers and will answer your questions on how to make this happen at your organization.

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FCC Revamps to Reduce CO2 and Drive Operational Efficiency
11 April 2023

Sponsored by: Lummus Technology

Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) processes have long been a trusted workhorse in the refining industry to meet market demand for fuels and petrochemicals. Operators consider FCC revamp projects to further expand product slate flexibility, increase efficiency and reliability and, in today’s environment, reduce CO2 to meet ever-tightening emissions targets. But how do you correctly plan your FCC revamp?

This webcast will present planning considerations and benefits to ensure your FCC revamp achieves all desired objectives, including:

  • Strategies for CO2 reduction to meet current and future emissions targets
  • Options for improving performance, reliability and profitability
  • Low-cost technology-based solutions to meet the refiner’s processing objectives while minimizing or eliminating constraints
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