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Chen, Q.

Sinopec Jiujiang Co., Jiangxi, China

Qiquan Chen is a Deputy General Manager and a Senior Staff Engineer at Sinopec Jiujiang. He has 22 yr of experience in petroleum refining and petrochemical production. Mr. Chen is responsible for implementing green and safe technologies in the refining and production of clean fuels. He earned an MS degree in chemical technology from the Liaoning University of Petroleum and Chemical Technology in China.

Safe and sustainable alkylation for the forward-looking refiner

Well Resources Inc.: Chung, W.
Beijing Zhongshi Aojie Petroleum Technology Co. Ltd.: Zhang, R.  |  Zhang, X.
Sinopec Jiujiang Co.: Chen, Q.

In a post-pandemic economy, global governments and industry participants are increasingly committing to meeting climate action targets.

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