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Prevent external corrosion of boiler tubes under refractory lining

SABIC Technology Centre: Maity, M.  |  Biramov, K.  |  Al-Zahrani, E.
Eastern Petrochemical Co.: Kareem, M. A.

A leak developed on the water wall for several boiler tubes within five months of the commissioning of a plant boiler. In this case, the boiler tubes were partially covered with a castable refractory ..

Control moisture problems in slurry-based polyolefin operations

University of Newcastle: Mitra, S.

Proper moisture removal from the polymerization-reaction medium is key to successfully operating a HDPE plant designed on low-pressure, slurry-process technology.

Avoid condensation-induced transient pressure waves

BP Canada Energy Co.: Mani, G.

Case studies give an indication as to probable causes for water hammer

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