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Roxtec HD 32 Ex – the high cable density transit
1 March 2017

Seal your cabinets, enclosures and terminal boxes with the Roxtec HD 32 Ex cable entry device – and save time and space. Explore our innovation!

BP in Spain - A continuous journey towards excellence
29 September 2016

How the leadership team at BP’s Castellόn refinery in Spain empowered their employees to be a part of the solution.

BP Safety: Drone Technology
13 September 2016

BP uses drone technology to monitor refinery operations, giving engineers the opportunity to spot potential safety issues from any angle.

Valero Meraux refinery hydrocracker lift
29 August 2016

The transport and installation of the new hydrocracker vessel at Valero's Meraux Refinery in Chalmette, LA. It traveled 6,000 miles from Germany, up the Mississippi river and then to the Industrial Canal, with the final leg by road with escorts and utility line temporary relocation. An 1800-ton lift gantry lifted the vessel up off the long multi-wheel trailers and into position on the massive foundation.

Prelude takes shape beneath the sea
15 August 2016

With construction of the Prelude FLNG facility well underway in the Geoje shipyard, we now turn to the Western Australian coast, where another vital aspect of the world-first Shell Prelude project is emerging. Deep beneath the sea, in one of the loneliest places on the planet, Prelude will connect to a critical network made up of Christmas trees, manifolds and flow lines, all connected to giant anchor piles. Their role: to control the flow of gas.

Driving Safety through Data Analytics
27 July 2016

Within GE, the Oil & Gas, ONE EHS, and Enterprise Data Management teams partnered together to analyze data to create a safer and more efficient working space.

How we survived $2/bbl oil - Dr. Sam Avasthi
13 June 2016

Lean and mean companies will weather this current storm, petroleum engineer and consultant Dr. Sam Avasthi says, but commodity cycles are not unique. World Oil sat down with Dr. Avasthi, and he told us in 1957 during a meeting held in the Exxon building in downtown Houston, how people wondered when crude oil would go above $3/bbl.