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Why Is the Petrochemical Industry Considered Critical Infrastructure?
16 April 2020

The petrochemical industry is serving a critical role in the fight against COVID-19. AFPM Senior Petrochemical Advisor Jim Cooper talks about the central role of petrochemicals in health care, and why the petrochemical industry is considered critical infrastructure.

Behind The Fence: 360 Degree Refinery Tour
10 March 2020

Join AFPM’s CEO Chet Thompson for a behind the scenes 360-degree tour of a local oil refinery.

Space Exploration Made Possible by Petrochemicals
27 February 2020

Vital to the first spacewalk — and to the 11 space explorers who have followed Armstrong in walking on the moon — were petrochemicals, which serve as vital building-blocks for materials in astronauts’ suits, enabling them to survive and maneuver in the harsh conditions of space. Learn more in the following video about how these ingredients have been critical to scientific discovery.

Hydrocarbon Processing 2020 Process Handbook
19 February 2020

Produced by the staff of Hydrocarbon Processing magazine, this comprehensive industry reference source contains flow diagrams and descriptions of more than 200 leading-edge, licensed refining technologies.

IRPC Americas 2019 - Cybersecurity: Strategies For the Oil and Gas Industries Presented by Siemens
3 October 2019
Carmen Garibi, Oil and Gas Head, Industrial Cyber and Digital Security at Siemens Gas and Power presents Defense-in-Depth Strategies For the Oil and Gas Industries at IRPC Americas 2019.

Reduce Installation Costs with Electronic Marshalling with Distributed CHARMs
27 September 2019

Emerson set the bar with Electronic Marshalling, now we’re raising it. Our game-changing DeltaV™ Version 14 technology now enables you to install small enclosures with up to 12 CHARMs closer to the field devices to dramatically reduce wiring and overall installation costs. To simplify the deployment of Electronic Marshalling and wireless field devices in existing installations, CHARMs and wireless devices can be assigned to our M-series controllers.

IRPC Experience: Terry Helton, ExxonMobil Catalysts & Licensing
11 September 2019

Learn More: https://bit.ly/2NXVPa3 ExxonMobil Catalysts & Licensing, Senior Business Development Manager, Terry Helton shares why he attends Hydrocarbon Processing's International Refining and Petrochemical Conference (IRPC). For eleven years, IRPC has been the leading downstream technology event. For 2019, IRPC Americas will be held in Houston, Texas on September 25-26.

Ensuring the safety, security and reliability of oil & gas power equipment centers
9 September 2019

Power Equipment Centers (PECs) have a critical role throughout the oil, gas and petrochemical supply chain by providing reliable and secure power distribution that ensures production requirements are being achieved. Learn how Siemens’ holistic approach can provide PECs with integrated, environmental control of their critical systems—including HVAC, lighting, electrical, fire suppression, gas detection and security—for optimal reliability, reduced risk, and safe operations to ensure their production requirements are being met.