Murphy, T.

Valuation Risk & Strategy LLC, Syracuse, New York

Thomas Murphy is CEO of Valuation Risk & Strategy LLC, an interdisciplinary consulting firm established in 1995 to measure the value and assess the risk embedded in alternative technologies and chemical processes for energy and energy-intensive industries. Prior to this role, he was a research chemical engineer with the DuPont Company. An expert in derivatives and complex financial models, Dr. Murphy’s experience includes 11 yr of hands-on experience in chemical process engineering and production management. He earned a BS degree in chemical engineering (with distinction) from Clarkson University, a PhD in quantitative finance and a JD degree in technology management law at Syracuse University.

Business Trends: Tier 3 gasoline production: Challenges and opportunities for refiners

Da Silva, M. W., Petrobras; Hoekstra, G., Hoekstra Trading; Murphy, T., Valuation Risk & Strategy LLC

One of the biggest challenges to the crude oil refining industry over the past decades is the development of technologies capable of reducing the environmental impact of crude oil derivatives, while also raising their performance.