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Anderson, M.C.

Thiosolv LLC, Houston, Texas

received a BSChE degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1967 and, following a year of work in a PhD program at Stanford University, joined UOP. At UOP, he performed startup and technical support for petrochemical units in the US and Europe. Additionally, he managed UOP’s development group for petrochemical processes. Mr. Anderson also worked as a project and plant manager for a number of refineries in Texas. In the early 2000s, he managed the development of Thiosolv’s SWAATS process for the conversion of sour water stripper gas to ammonium thiosulfate and provided consulting services to global customers. He holds 13 US patents, including three in fractionation and six for applications of thiosulfate chemistry.

Unload the SRU to reduce operating costs and plugging problems

Thiosolv LLC: Anderson, M.C.
Wood Group Mustang: Kolodziej, R.

The SWAATS process can unload SRU capacity and reduce plugging problems and operating costs in a safer and environmentally-friendly way, especially as refiners find rising amounts of ammonia and SWSG.

Dealing with increased hydrogen sulfide and ammonia resulting from higher desulfurization severity

Thiosolv LLC: Anderson, M.C.

New process most-effectively stretches sulfure recovery capacity

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