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Krimmel, J.

Pinnacle, Houston, Texas

Jeff Krimmel is Director of Market and Data Analysis at Pinnacle. He has extensive analytical experience in the commercial and market intelligence domains. Before joining Pinnacle, Dr. Krimmel was the Director of Pricing and Market Research at Key Energy Services. He has also held various data-driven positions in pricing and profitability, strategic marketing and new product research and development at Baker Hughes. He earned his PhD in mechanical engineering from Caltech, where he used computational approaches to study the use of shockwaves in biomedical applications.

Business Trends: The economics of reliability: Global chemicals

Pinnacle: Krimmel, J.

Chemical manufacturers worldwide are navigating an inflection point. Following the pandemic-fueled demand crash of 2020, a strong but stilted recovery unfolded in 2021.

Business Trends: The economics of reliability—An interim report on the global refining industry

Pinnacle: Krimmel, J.

What is reliability? Most people think reliability is simply a measure of failure, or lack of failure. If something runs for a longer period without failing, then it is more reliable than something that runs for less time. However, reliability is a measure of how often something performs when you want it to.

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