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Sridhar, S.

L&T-Chiyoda Ltd., Vadodara, India

is the head of the process engineering department at L&T-Chiyoda Ltd. He has more than 30 years of experience in process design. He holds an MS degree in chemical engineering and has served as vice chairman for IIChE’s Baroda Center.

Mitigate vibration issues in shell-and-tube heat exchangers

L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.: Dole, R.  |  Sridhar, S.  |  Vivekanand, S.

Heat exchanger tubes tend to vibrate when influenced by crossflow velocities.

Conduct a design check for depressurization system for cold conditions

L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.: Dole, R.  |  Bhatt, S.  |  Sridhar, S.

Emergency depressurization is a safety provision designed to release gas from a high-pressure system during emergency situations, such as a fire. An overview of cold depressurization is provided, including factors affecting the temperature profiles and critical factors considered while performing the study.

Design a staggered depressurization sequence for flare systems

L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.: Dole, R.  |  Bhatt, S.  |  Sridhar, S.

Emergency depressurization is one of the most important design provisions for safeguarding facilities in case of an emergency. To overcome limitations of flare system capacity during such a scenario, depressurization can be practiced in a sequential manner. Presented here are the criteria and calculation methods for designing sequential depressurization, along with guidelines for the implementation of recommended designs.

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