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Dole, R.

L&T-Chiyoda Ltd., Vadodara, India

is a process engineering manager with L&T-Chiyoda Ltd. in India. He has over 18 years of experience in process design for oil and gas, refineries and petrochemical facilities. He holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from Mumbai University in Mumbai, India. Mr. Dole is also a registered chartered engineer in the UK and a member of IChemE (UK) and IIChE.

Mitigate vibration issues in shell-and-tube heat exchangers

L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.: Dole, R.  |  Sridhar, S.  |  Vivekanand, S.

Heat exchanger tubes tend to vibrate when influenced by crossflow velocities.

Conduct a design check for depressurization system for cold conditions

L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.: Dole, R.  |  Bhatt, S.  |  Sridhar, S.

Emergency depressurization is a safety provision designed to release gas from a high-pressure system during emergency situations, such as a fire. An overview of cold depressurization is provided, including factors affecting the temperature profiles and critical factors considered while performing the study.

Design a staggered depressurization sequence for flare systems

L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.: Dole, R.  |  Bhatt, S.  |  Sridhar, S.

Emergency depressurization is one of the most important design provisions for safeguarding facilities in case of an emergency. To overcome limitations of flare system capacity during such a scenario, depressurization can be practiced in a sequential manner. Presented here are the criteria and calculation methods for designing sequential depressurization, along with guidelines for the implementation of recommended designs.

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