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Hansen, J. B.

Haldor Topsoe, Copenhagen, Denmark

John Bøgild Hansen is Senior Principal Research Scientist with Haldor Topsoe. In 1975, he graduated with an MSc degree in chemical engineering from DTU and joined Topsoe’s catalyst division. Four years later, Mr. Hansen moved to R&D, where he became department manager in 1985. He was responsible for fuel processing for fuel cells and catalyst and process technology for ammonia, methanol, DME, gasoline and reforming. In 2000, he was appointed Senior Scientist and Advisor to the chairman, Dr. Haldor Topsøe, mainly on energy-related issues, such as hydrogen and synthetic fuel production, fuel cell and electrolyzer system development, as well as biomass utilization. In 2014, he rejoined R&D. Mr. Hansen has published more than 70 papers and holds 26 patents.

Can ammonia be a future energy storage solution?

Ammonia is well known as a fertilizer. However, it is also a potential carbon-free fuel and an excellent solution for storage of renewable electricity, especially if the syngas needed for producing the ammonia is made by electrolysis.

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