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Ramaswamy, P. N.

Dorf Ketal, Houston, Texas

P. N. Ramaswamy is the Global Technical Director for Dorf Ketal. He has been involved with designing chemical treatment programs for olefins plants, reactive monomer plants and refineries since the inception of Dorf Ketal. In his 25 yr of experience, he has been involved in technology selection, troubleshooting, trials and profit improvement programs at chemical plants around the world. Mr. Ramaswamy’s focus is the introduction of new product technologies for Dorf Ketal clients.

Comparing DNBP replacement options in styrene production

Dorf Ketal: Ondyak, J.  |  Noland, J.  |  Ramaswamy, P. N.

The manufacturing of styrene commonly uses 2,4-dinitro-6-sec butylphenol (DNBP) as a retarder to protect against styrene polymer formation.

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