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How ehsAI Revolutionized Compliance Regulations

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are revolutionizing the compliance process. You may be wondering; how? You’ve heard of AI. But you may not be aware of just how commonplace these technologies are. It’s all around us. AI is what powers voice to text on your phone and what makes Google and Alexa work in our homes. They’ve become an essential part of business too. ML is a type of AI that allows machines to complete tasks that can be difficult, or even impossible, for humans. That’s invaluable for businesses.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are disciplines within AI and ML that allow machines to decipher text and understand the meaning of human language and turn it into action. Using OCR and NLP to examine permits, standards, and regulatory documents could transform tasks in the compliance world that were once tedious and reduce potential oversights.

That’s where I saw an opportunity. As a long-time EHS professional, I constantly worked with manual processes. I know the challenges of manual deconstruction because I personally experienced it. The global demand for regulations for environment, health and safety was huge. Compliance was a massive task for organizations. And it only continued to grow, all while governments added regulations and consumers demanded businesses be even more environmentally conscious. I knew I could use my years of boots-on-the-ground, EHS experience and technical awareness to help build a better process.

Enter the automated process. The ehsAI platform I co-developed is the only patent-pending solution of its kind using innovative industry technology to give you actionable compliance insights − in a fraction of the time and without opportunity for errors associated with outdated, manual processes.

ehsAI scans your compliance documents from all regulatory and internal authorities. In just seconds, our patented machine learning algorithms generate an indexed list of compliance action items for your team. Every item is mapped out to each regulatory citation and permit condition that affects your company − consistently across all regions so that you can easily implement each action. Download the data into Microsoft Excel and start using it immediately or upload the critical ehsAI data into any EHS compliance workflow.

Learn more about how eshAI uses the latest in technology to help you get actionable compliance insights.

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