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Health & Safety Compliance Made Easier With AI

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As the world becomes more interconnected and complex, so do health and safety regulations. COVID-19 has led to even greater concerns about the health and safety of employees and contractors in every sector. So, the government moves to protect those workers. It costs more time, effort, and money to maintain compliance every day.

New guidance from the U.S. Federal Government, specifically from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, aims to unify the existing patchwork of recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and state and local authorities, which of course adds new layers to existing complex, sometimes confusing, regulations. The National Council on Safety notes that “One national standard will establish one level of safety for all workers at this time when we need it most.” In the meantime, it’s on employers to navigate existing regulations.

With employee safety and health of paramount importance, speed in interpreting regulations and complying with them is ever more critical. Companies trying to do more with less need to improve their processes and increase efficiency; the right tools and technology will help them achieve that.

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