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LOTTE Chemical develops high-intensity, flame-resistant PP products for electric vehicle batteries

LOTTE Chemical has developed a high-intensity flame-resistant polypropylene (PP) products that can delay thermal runaway in electric vehicle batteries.

The main cause of fires in EVs powered by lithium-ion batteries is thermal runaway. This occurs in EVs when the battery's internal temperature increases rapidly to exceed 1,000℃ within a few minutes due to physical impacts, overvoltage, over-discharge, or other electrical shocks.

The metal materials currently used in batteries are increasingly being replaced with plastics to improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs. As fire incidents related to EV batteries are rising, there is a growing demand for the development of materials that can slow the spread of fires in areas where flame-resistant plastics are applied.

In response, LOTTE Chemical has developed materials (PP/SGF or PP/LGF) reinforced with Short Glass Fiber (SGF) and Long Glass Fiber (LGF) to enhance intensity.

The SGF and LGF materials, which has improved the intensity and flame-resistant properties of the existing products, offer superior moldability and lightweight components compared to the conventional engineering plastics. Additionally, they are eco-friendly, as they do not contain harmful halogens used to achieve the flame-resistant performance.

Through thermal and mechanical performance testing evaluations by UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, the materials have been recognized for their high-temperature and impact intensity properties. This recognition helps meet the market demand for safe and efficient lithium-ion batteries. Additionally, internal battery thermal runaway tests confirmed that at temperatures exceeding 1,000℃, PP/SGF retained its original shape for over 300 seconds and PP/LGF for over 600 seconds.

LOTTE Chemical stated that applying the newly developed plastic as a battery material is expected to delay combustion time in the event of a fire, thereby minimizing secondary damage and providing crucial time needed for fire extinguishing.

Meanwhile, LOTTE Chemical is actively promoting high-intensity flame-resistant PP materials for EV (Electric Vehicle) battery modules and is planning to provide various functional solutions tailored to customer requirements such as the needs of global battery manufacturers and market.

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