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Atlas Copco: Cut the carbon

Just being concerned about the planet is no longer enough. Our worries need to be transformed into action. At Atlas Copco we are finding solutions that bridge the gap between industry demands and putting our planet on a long-term sustainable footing.

We believe that the aim of a more sustainable tomorrow begins today. We are able to do this by using our many decades of experience and passion for technological innovation. Our Cut the Carbon solutions offer a way to do this supporting decarbonization efforts around the world.

1) Our high-efficiency industrial heat pumps, which employ our turbocompressors, take waste heat or an ambient heat source and increase its temperature so it can be reused. Industrial heat pumps can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution, and reduce water consumption.

2) We are committed to putting CO2 to use, and with this we support the decarbonization of industries. Our machines are central to CCUS, (carbon capture, utilization and storage). Once captured, the CO2 can be re-used as a feedstock, or it can be compressed to a supercritical level and used as a working fluid.

3) We provide expert revamps and upgrades for our centrifugal compressors. Revamps and upgrades return machines to peak efficiency, such as when plant demand changes, which saves on energy costs and CO2 emissions.

4) Our fourth Cut the Carbon solution comes under the rubric of Gas Connectivity, part of our Aftermarket products. Turbomachinery is complex, so we created Gas Connectivity to enable us to provide live technical support, provide data analysis, and immediate feedback. It is our way to ensure customers always get a head start with onsite service and get the right support to make the best operational decisions.

5) Hydrogen is a critical part of our vision to reduce greenhouse gases and support net zero emissions by 2050. Our hydrogen technology is underpinned by our extensive experience in cryogenic processes and applications, such as in the LNG and petrochemical industries. This means that the proven, reliable technology used in our fuel-gas boosters and air separation machines can be applied to hydrogen processes, with a few key modifications to material choices and manufacturing techniques.

Our boil-off gas (BOG) compressors that handle hydrogen, for example, are based on the many hundreds we have produced for LNG storage. And our single stage, integrally geared compressors reliably operate in environments as cold as -253°C, where they compress hydrogen for its onward transportation. Hydrogen has an important role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving net zero aims by 2050. It is a key driver in powering the energy transition.

Cut the Carbon is our way of ensuring that worries about our planet are transformed from words into action. Whether with industrial heat pumps, in revamps and upgrades, in CCUS, Gas Connectivity, or hydrogen solutions, our technology is helping decarbonize industry and boosting sustainability. 



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