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Singh, R.

TechnipFMC Process Technology, Houston, Texas

Raj Singh is a Senior Technologist, FCC Refining at TechnipFMC. With more than 15 yr of experience in FCC equipment design, technology development and troubleshooting, he has contributed to a wide range of projects, including revamps, grassroots designs, process studies, CFD studies and FCC proposals. He earned an MS degree in chemical engineering, with specialization in the field of multiphase flow and fluidization, from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Conventional FCC to maximum propylene production

TechnipFMC Process Technology: Singh, R.  |  Lai, S.  |  Dharia, D.
W. R. Grace: Cipriano, B.  |  Hunt, D.

Fluid catalytic cracking is one of the most important conversion processes used in refineries. This process converts heavy petroleum fractions into lighter, higher-value products, such as gasoline, propylene and others.

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