Kulkarni, P.

Gulf Publishing Company, Houston

Despite Western sanctions, Russian energy projects thrive

Kulkarni, P., Gulf Publishing Company

Russia’s potential for a robust downstream sector stems from the country’s enormous oil and gas resources.

New projects decline, but backlog holds strong

Kulkarni, P., Gulf Publishing Company

Even after the recent downturn in oil and natural gas pricing, our analysis shows why downstream E&C companies can depend on a strong backlog to last through the decade.

Southeast Asia’s Singapore hub thrives as neighbors cope with growing demand for fuels, petrochemicals

Kulkarni, P., Gulf Publishing Company

   State oil company Petron’s Port Dickson refinery   in Malaysia (top) has a rated capacity of 88 Mbpd. Shell’s   refining and petrochemical complex at..

Economic drivers point to strong E&C growth

Kulkarni, P., Gulf Publishing Company

Fundamentals suggest that the industry business climate for most downstream engineering and construction companies (E&C) will remain strong for the foreseeable future.