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Saple, A.

ExxonMobil Chemical Co., Singapore

Avinash Saple is the Aromatics Synergy Project Lead with ExxonMobil Singapore. He has more than 20 yr of experience in the petrochemical industry, most of it related to aromatics. Mr. Saple joined ExxonMobil Chemical Co. as an Aromatics Process Technology Support engineer in 2008 and has worked in multiple aromatics technology areas. Mr. Saple holds a BTech degree in petrochemical engineering from DBATU–India and an MTech degree in chemical engineering from IIT in Mumbai.

A new liquid-phase isomerization process for xylene loop debottleneck and energy savings

Reliance Industries Ltd.: Mhatre, S.  |  Warke, V.
ExxonMobil Chemical Co.: Choi, A.  |  Molinier, M.  |  Saple, A.

In a typical xylene loop, C<sub>8</sub> aromatics are fractionated out of a heavy reformate C<sub>8</sub>+ aromatics stream and collected in the xylene column overhead. Then, paraxylene (PX) from the C<sub>8</sub> aromatics stream is recovered as product—usually by an adsorption or crystallization process—in the PX recovery section.

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