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Carugo, M.

Emerson Automation Solutions, Austin, Texas

Marcelo Carugo works with upstream and downstream manufacturers globally to create a clear and actionable path to operational excellence and digital transformation through applications of automation technologies. He joined Emerson in 1998 and has more than 30 yr of experience in the chemical and refining process control industries, both domestically and internationally. Carugo received an electronic engineering degree from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; a post graduate diploma in electronic engineering from PIITS in the Netherlands; and a Master of electronic engineering with honors from NUFFIC in the Netherlands.

Accelerating the transition to renewable fuels

Emerson Automation Solutions: Carugo, M.  |  Valentine, J.

The global push to neutralize carbon-based GHG emissions by 2050 not only holds great promise for the future of the planet, but it also stands to create millions of jobs, spur rapid growth and drive technological innovation.

Sustainability through efficiency: A plan for the refining industry

Emerson Automation Solutions: Carugo, M.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects that carbon dioxide (CO<sub>2</sub>) emissions will decrease through 2050 in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries (OECD), which includes the U.S.<sup>1</sup>

Digital: Looking to boost safety? Reliable operations are the key

Emerson Automation Solutions: Carugo, M.

Equipment failures are the thorn in every industrial plant’s side.

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