Singh, R.

Bechtel India, Gurgaon, India

Raj Bhadra Singh is a Process Engineer with Bechtel India. He has 27 yr of experience in EPC, FEED and basic engineering for petroleum refining, petrochemicals and gas processing projects. Prior to joining Bechtel India, he worked with Fluor Gurgaon and Engineers India Ltd. He earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from the National Institute of Technology in Surathkal and an MS degree in process engineering design from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.

Fuels and chemicals: Finding the right refinery configuration for a less predictable world

Chaudhuri, S., Singh, R., Bechtel India

The refining industry links the upstream production of crude oil with the end markets for fuel products, as well as for the petrochemical/chemical industry.

Flare system design for a refinery mega-complex—front end and beyond

Chaudhuri, S., Singh, R., Bechtel India

Estimating flare loads for a greenfield facility is often a challenging activity in the front end design phase.

Engineering propylene: Value unlocking with the PDH process

Qureshi, V., Singh, R., Chate, V., Bechtel India

Propylene is at the core of the petrochemical industry, with the synthesis of its numerous derivatives finding greater application in industries from textile to automobile, cosmetics and beyond. Propylene is also a foundation block/intermediate for numerous chemicals, from isopropanol to polypropylene (a widely used synthetic material) to gasoline octane enhancers.