Mayol, J.

BASF Corp., Iselin, New Jersey

Case history: Innovative resid-cracking catalyst debottlenecks FCC unit

Tamoil is a major operator in the oil and energy industry with operating refineries in Hamburg, Germany, and Collombey, Switzerland, in addition to distribution networks in Italy, Germany, Switzerland..

Case history: Optimization of FCCU with multivariate statistical modeling

Keeley, C., Mayol, J., Riva, S., Komvokis, V., Bozukov, V., Challis, S., BASF Corp.; Karpov, N. V., Lukoil Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez Refinery

Process models and simulation methods can be used to simulate the fluidized-bed catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) process.a,b Likewise, kinetic or multivariate statistical models have been used. Rigorous..

Use an innovative cracking catalyst to upgrade residue feedstock

Tamoil’s Collombey refinery worked very close with a new catalyst supplier to remove the main operating constraint and significantly improve the unit profitability. Several project goals were set and attained.