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Mallet, T.

Axens, Paris, France

Thomas Mallet joined Axens in 2005 as Technology Manager for biodiesel technologies. In 2008, he moved to the Olefins Technology Group and has been involved in various technologies aiming at upgrading light olefins from steam cracking and fluid catalytic cracking such as etherification, heterogeneous oligomerization and Atol (ethanol-to-ethylene). He joined the Technology Development and Innovation Division in 2014, were he managed the coordination of R&D activities related to biofuels and biobased chemical components. In 2020, he joined the new Plastic Recycling Business Development Group to manage R&D activities and develop technological cooperations. Mr. Mallet earned an engineering degree in chemistry from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rouen in France.

Circular Economy: Innovative recycling, driving circularity while decarbonizing the petrochemical industry

Axens: Menet, N.  |  Mallet, T.

Plastic pollution’s environmental challenges, as well as new government legislation, are having a significant impact on the plastics industry.

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