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The challenge

Measuring flare gas is one of the most demanding applications. Especially in terms of measuring range dynamics, changing temperature and pressure conditions, variability of gas compositions, and unideal installation situations.

The application

Gas facilities are obliged to use good air pollution control practices to minimize the emission of waste gases. Flaring is one option to deal with unwanted or excess gases, but it is an economically wasteful and environmentally harmful industrial practice. Therefore, the flaring of gas is subject to stringent regulations. These regulations require gas facilities to operate in a proper and efficient manner and maintain equipment in an efficient condition. Monitoring the amount of gas that is flared is mandatory. The flared gas must be measured, recorded, and reported to suffice the requirement of minimization of environmental impact and sustainability demands.

The solution

Thermal mass flowmeters are one accepted technology and are capable to deliver measurement performance in flare gas applications. ABB’s SensyMaster meters have been optimized for flare gas applications and provide a number of features that makes them especially suitable for the demanding requirements.

• Dynamic Range: accurate measurement over a wide range of flaring conditions with excellent low-flow sensitivity

• Independent from pressure and temperature changes

• Adaption to variability of waste Gas Composition without recalibration

• Verification of Sensor integrity (pollution/coating or damage) by fingerprint technology

• Field optimization to deal with non-ideal installation situations

• Stainless steel and ceramic sensor material for corrosive and particulate-laden measuring gases

• FM approved design for operation in potentially hazardous areas

• Totalizers and alarms, support of various communication protocols

• Installation by compressing ring fitting or flanged pipe component Users value the robust nature of the sensor and transmitter and the availability of replaceable electronics. The ease of configuration with TTG (through-the-glass) technology to enter the gas composition or start in situ sensor verification make the SensyMaster very convenient to use and all that comes in combination with an exceptional overall measuring performance. 

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