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Honeywell’s UniSim Design Suite is an intuitive, comprehensive, and cost-effective process simulation and modeling software that helps engineers create steady-state and dynamic models for plant design, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, scenario analysis and decision support, asset and operation management, bringing benefits across project and/or plant asset lifecycle. The simulation platform has applications across verticals servicing Upstream and Midstream Oil and Gas; LNG; Refining; Petrochemicals; Metals, Mining and Minerals (MMM); and the emerging Sustainability segments. Why UniSim Design: • Field-proven, powerful steady state and dynamic modeling under the same environment • Fast, accurate, and robust process simulation models to use for offline and online (digital twin) applications • Modular and extensible • Integration & interfacing with third-party specialized technologies such as HTRI, OLI Electrolytes, REFPROP etc. • Multi-purpose, for value across multiple applications and across the project and/or plant asset lifecycle • Sustainability features: faster and accurate modeling of CO2 transportation processes, CO2 emissions accounting utility, and electrolyzer capabilities (alkaline electrolyzer flowsheet and Proton Exchange Membrane – PEM – unit operation) for Green H2 production • Best-in-class aftermarket services with experienced support staff.
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