WGLC '15: Wood Group Mustang CEO works to inspire industry women

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HOUSTON -- Michele McNichol, CEO of Wood Group Mustang, served as the opening keynote speaker for the 2015 Women’s Global Leadership Conference (WGLC) in Energy on Tuesday. Both informative and moving, she discussed ways to establish a vision for your life and to be successful. A division of Wood Group, Mustang is a leading engineering and construction (E&C) company in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry.

nullMcNichol encouraged women in the industry to examine their life’s vision and their personal mission. She heartened those in the room to never lose sight of their values, to define their best qualities and to draw from the things they find inspirational. She shared some of the things that she personally draws her own inspiration from, including curiosity for life and creativity.

She challenged those in attendance to think about their life story, and how their experiences and struggles have shaped them. McNichol said, “Every life is compelling, it’s what made you you.”

She urged attendees to use those experiences to drive them forward and to overcome adversity. McNichol then advised the audience to think about what their legacy will look like, as a way to construct their life’s vision. “How do you want people to remember you when you’re gone? What accomplishments do you want to be recognized for?” She went on the share her own aspiration for life: “A finely integrated world where people collaborate to create and feel successful.”

McNichol stressed the importance of self-awareness, being present and realizing the impact we all have on those around us, as well as the value of taking time to renew our energy and confidence. With this guidance, she assured attendees that we all have the ability to unearth our life’s aspiration, and to achieve clarity of purpose and a clear vision of where we are headed.

McNichol concluded with one of the most significant adversities she has encountered; the loss of her husband of 24 years. When he was afflicted with cancer and passed away last year, McNichol was asked to be CEO of Wood Group Mustang, just eight weeks later. She imparted that with clarity of purpose, she knew she was ready to accept the challenge, despite the difficulties she was facing.

McNichol’s words were a source of motivation for those at WGLC to search themselves for that sense of purpose, and what they are all uniquely here to accomplish, in an effort to achieve success and fulfillment out of life.

WGLC continues with additional presentations and panel discussions through Wednesday, Oct. 28.

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