Green, M.

CSNRI, Riviera Beach, Florida

Matt Green is the Vice President of Technical Services at CSNRI. He leads the company’s global technical department for the composites business unit, which encompasses engineering, training and education. Since 2006, he has presented training and education seminars around the world on non-metallic composite repair systems and their applications on pipelines and piping networks. As a member of the Non-Metallic Composite Repair Subcommittee for ASME PCC-2 Articles 4.1–4.3, which writes and edits the ASME standards for composite repair systems related to the repair of pipelines and pipework, Mr. Green is active in shaping the industry and its future. He has published numerous papers, and is a regular contributor of technical articles for industry-related publications. He earned a BS degree in engineering physics from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma.

A compliant solution for repairing corroded acid lines with composite materials

Composite materials have been utilized for the repair of corroded or damaged piping in refineries, chemical plants and other highly aggressive operating and production plants around the world for decades.