Rhodes, Mike, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Anyone who has encountered foam clamshells for restaurant takeout food, white or green “peanut” packing to cushion shipments, or those thick foam blocks for protecting boxed furniture is familiar with expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Mechanical design challenges in high-temperature electric heaters

Pramanik, R., Contributing Editor; Srinath, N. R., China Petroleum Engineering Co. Ltd.

Electric heaters are used in the process industries as an alternative to fired heaters or process heaters—where the heating medium is either steam or any heating fluid—for some specific applications where the process duties are low but fluids are heated to high temperature.

Integrated remote operations drive collaboration and autonomy

Fiske, T., Anderson, G., Yokogawa

Sensors, equipment and devices are becoming more intelligent, opening the door for autonomous operations, which is the ability for machines and processes to run while self-diagnosing and handling problems.

Shift focus to more open control technology

Chow, M., Crews, A., Emerson Automation Solutions

Plant control system modernizations that are necessary to meet today’s goals and strategies often come with organizational hurdles.

Mexico's Pemex reports narrower quarterly loss, growing fuel sales

Mexican state oil company Pemex reported its third quarter net loss narrowed to $2.58 B but said it had suffered from increased sales costs as well as currency exchange losses as the peso weakened against the dollar.

Large explosion in Taiwan's CPC Dalin oil refinery, no injuries

Fire was seen raging above the plant and thick smoke billowed into the sky above for more than an hour.

Chevron's $11.2 B quarterly profit soars past estimates

Chevron reported its second-highest ever quarterly profit, blasting past analysts' estimates, driven by soaring global demand for its oil and gas and rising production from its U.S. oilfields.

Italy issues 'comfort letter' to stave off Lukoil refinery's shutdown

Italian authorities have provided Lukoil with a "comfort letter" to help a refinery it owns in Sicily get bank financing to buy non-Russian oil and remain operational.

Valero CEO says U.S. energy secretary told shuttered refineries won't restart

Valero Chief Executive Joe Gorder said this week U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was told at a recent White House meeting with energy executives that refineries shuttered in the last few years won't return production.

Italy looks to unlock financing for Lukoil-owned refinery

Italy is working on ways to keep a Lukoil-owned refinery in business despite new sanctions against Russia kicking in next month, as Rome tries to buy time to agree the sale of the plant.