Process Optimization

Viewpoint: The pathway towards autonomy: How process automation is building the future plant

Urso, J., Honeywell Process Solutions

Hydrocarbon Processing sat down with Jason Urso (JU), Chief Technology Officer, Honeywell Process Solutions, to discuss the current state of the process automation industry, how new technologies are enhancing efficiency and safety, and what the future holds for automation.

Why compact actuation solutions are ideal for constrained space installations

Rakita, M., Emerson Automation Solutions

Many oil and gas industry applications face space constraints. This limitation requires more compact solutions providing the same performance as traditional alternatives, and this is particularly true in many valve installations, where actuators often require an inordinate amount of space.

LNG: Adapting to a more strategic role calls for effective quality analysis

Garza, A., Miller, S., Sutherland, S., Endress+Hauser

Disruptions of global hydrocarbon supply chains have increased the importance of liquefied natural gas (LNG), causing larger numbers of buyers and sellers to consider it for satisfying energy demand. For some, this is unfamiliar territory, requiring greater knowledge of the technologies and practices involved, as billions of dollars will be changing hands.

History of the HPI: The 1990s: Clean fuels and emissions mitigation, M&A, GTL and the fieldbus wars

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Much like several initiatives passed in the 1970s and 1980s, the 1990s were a decade heavily focused on environmental issues, with many new regulations being enacted to not only mitigate industrial and vehicle emissions but also to advance the production of clean fuels globally.

Choosing the proper regulator configuration can reduce droop

Arumpanayil, S., Swagelok Company

Many factors go into selecting the proper regulator for your system. One of those factors is sensitivity to changes in outlet pressure as downstream flow fluctuates, which is often characterized as “droop” as illustrated within a regulator’s flow curve.

U.S. Department of Energy announces $32 MM to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas sector

The U.S. Department of Energy announced up to $32 MM in funding toward the research and development of new monitoring, measurement, and mitigation technologies to help detect and reduce methane emissions across oil and natural gas producing regions.

Siemens closes Brightly acquisition, elevating software offering for building operations

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has completed the acquisition of Brightly Software, a U.S.-based SaaS provider of asset and maintenance management solutions.

Corpus Christi Polymers awards Worley contracts for facilities producing plastics

Corpus Christi Polymers has awarded Worley construction management and general services contracts. The scope of the construction management contract includes Corpus Christi’s new PET and PTA facilities in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

GTC Vorro and RATE announce collaboration

GTC Vorro and RATE will offer process technology solutions to customers along with full-service sulfur removal. The two companies will combine their sulfur technology and engineering services, providing innovative services.

INEOS and SINOPEC sign three petrochemical deals worth $7 B

INEOS and SINOPEC signed three back-to-back deals worth a combined value of $7 B. These landmark agreements are expected to generate a combined turnover of around $10 B from 7 MMt of capacity.