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Digital Feature: Driving chemical processing efficiencies using data-driven asset performance management

Stacey Jones, Global APM Portfolio Leader, Energy Industries at ABB, reveals how next-generation asset performance management (APM) can be successfully applied to hydrocarbon processing, maximizing the uptime of critical assets, and ensuring safe, sustainable operations.

Nextchem (Maire Group) awarded a process design contract by DG Fuels for a bio-waste to SAF facility in the U.S.

MAIRE S.p.A. announces that NEXTCHEM, through its subsidiary MyRechemical, leading the Waste-to-Chemical segment, has been selected by DG Fuels Lousiana to provide the Process Design Package in relation to a SAF facility under development in St. James Parish, Louisiana (U.S.).

Implementing digital lifecycle solutions to improve performance and plant operations

Control Station: Rice, R.

Most of us have used licensed software—whether a personal computer operating system, a word processor or something less mainstream—consistently.

Automation technology supports growing demand for green diesel

Emerson: Prusha, J.

The search to find alternatives to petroleum-based transportation fuels is nothing new.

Cosmo Oil and Yokogawa start exploring possibilities for refinery digitalization

Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. and Yokogawa Electric Corporation announce that Cosmo Oil and the Yokogawa Electric subsidiaries Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation and Yokogawa Digital Corporation have joined forces to promote the digitalization of operations at refineries owned by Cosmo Oil.

EY partners with Aspen Technology to enhance clients’ sustainability, streamline manufacturing, and modernize utility grids

The EY organization announces an alliance between Aspen Technology, Inc. and Ernst & Young to enhance clients’ sustainability, streamline manufacturing, and modernize utility grids.

ABB upgrades Repsol butane plants without any downtime in operations

Repsol Butano entered into an agreement with ABB to upgrade its Distributed Control Systems at 12 of the energy company’s butane factories across Spain.

Digital Feature: The Impact of AI on Industry

Hydrocarbon Processing had the opportunity to speak with Hiroshi Tanoguchi, Vice President and Head of the Yokogawa Products Headquarters, Yokogawa Electric Corp., about the company’s autonomous control artificial intelligence, how this was applied in a project with ENEOS Materials, and how safety is ensured in plant operations.

Identify anomalies among base prover volumes of bidirectional prover

Saudi Aramco: Bhatasana, C. N.

It is important to accurately measure hydrocarbon commodities transferred through pipelines or marine terminals at the point where ownership of the commodity is transferred.

Reaction control for hydrotreatment of bio-based oils in renewable diesel production

Emerson: Degnan, E

Over the past few years, the carbon footprint of the transportation industry has drawn attention as an area where much can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.