FCC 101: How to estimate product yields cost-effectively and improve operations

Navarro, U., Ni, M., Orlicki, D., Grace Catalysts Technologies

The feed to fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) is the most important process variable. FCCU feed has the greatest impact on operating conditions, yield and product quality. A typical FCCU feed consi..

What are the possible impacts on US refineries processing shale oils?

Mayes, J. M., Turner, Mason & Co.

No singular event has had as significant an impact on the quality of refinery feedstocks as the shale revolution. Not only are shale crudes, such as Eagle Ford and Bakken, generally lighter than other..

Consider new online analyzers to optimize FCC operations

Shahnovsky, G., Cohen, T., McMurray, R., Modcon Systems Ltd.

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and near infrared (NIR) process analyzers are highly effective in quantifying physical properties in hydrocarbons, especially where the feedstock, intermediate and final product streams are all interlinked.

HP Editorial Comment: Take a moment and breathe

Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

“Don’t panic” is probably the best advice for the downstream industry regarding oil prices. The upstream fully recognizes the present and short-term conditions for its business.

HP Global: 2015 outlook for oil price and its refining sector implications

Gelder, A., Wood Mackenzie

What is the oil price outlook for the next 12 months? As of early January, the price of Brent has effectively halved compared to the 2014 summer peak, similar to the price collapse of 2008. However, u..

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Qatar Petroleum and Shell cancel $6.5-B petrochemical project in Qatar Royal Dutch Shell and Qatar Petroleum (QP) have canceled the $6.5-B Al-Karaana petrochemical project in Qatar, which will signifi..

HP Industry Metrics

Rhodes, Mike, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Mid-January saw the continued decline of monthly average Brent crude oil prices, which fell $17/bbl from November to a monthly average of $62/bbl. The continual price decrease reflects US tight oil pr..

Shale gas drives new opportunities for US downstream

Maller, A., Dharia, D., Gbordzoe, E., Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology; Lambert, N., Axens

This shift to lighter feeds for the SC will reduce the future availability of other petrochemical feedstocks—in particular, propylene.

HP Industry Metrics

Recent declines in oil pricing and the associated volatility in future pricing has created a difficult forecasting environment. Other factors are causing deviations, especially with regard to the resp..

Replan: Modernizing Brazil’s largest crude oil refinery

Perissé, J. B., Petrobras

The project included installing two hydrodesulfurization (HDS) units for the cracked naphtha produced by two catalytic cracking units, a coker naphtha hydrotreating (HDT) unit, and a catalytic reforming unit.