7 out of 10 German customers fill up wrong

With the introduction of Super E10 (10% ethanol blended gasoline), nearly 70% of German drivers avoid filling up with the higher bioethanol fuel blend.

CHS investing $26 million in refined fuels infrastructure

CHS Inc., an energy, grains and foods company, announced today it is investing $26 million in enhancements to strengthen its refined fuels supply infrastructure in the northern plains region of the US.

HPIn Europe: China enters and Russia deepens its influence in European refining

Wright, Tim L., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Like for the local couple that went long-distance ice skating here on the Swedish west coast recently, there are disconcerting rumblings of change underfoot in the European refining industry. This cou..

Sunoco completes sale of Toledo refinery

Sunoco, Inc. announced it has completed the previously announced sale of its refinery in Toledo, Ohio ,to Toledo Refining Company LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of PBF Holding Company LLC.

Holly and Frontier merge to create HollyFrontier

Holly Corp. and Frontier Oil Corp. have merged. Factoring in various variables, it can be safely interpreted that the new company has an enterprise value of $7 billion.

US refining margins improve, but some refineries remain at risk

During the fourth quarter of 2010, US refining industry performance improved relative to the prior quarter. While the US Gulf Coast crack spreads were somewhat lower in the fourth quarter, the light-heavy crude oil price differential (LLS-Maya) continued to favor refineries with heavier crude slates.

Mubarak exits stage right

What will this mean for IOCs doing business in the region?

Slurry-phase hydrocracking—possible solution to refining margins

Opportunity crudes require more hydrogen addition to upgrade orphan product streams into higher-value ‘clean’ products

Convert bottom-of-the-barrel into diesel and light olefins

Sieli, G., Rama Rao, M., Soni, D., Lummus Technology; Bhattacharyya, D., Indian Oil Corp. Ltd.

Integrating residue hydrocracking operations with advanced fluid catalytic cracking optimizes upgrading of heavy crude oils

What are the future fungible transportation fuels?

Stockle, M., Foster Wheeler, Reading

Alternatives hold promises to decrease dependence on crude oil, but they also uncover other challenges in distribution and engine use