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Asia: Japan

IHS Markit: Yoneyama, M.

The Japanese economy showed steady recovery for 2003–2007. However, due to the global recession in late 2008, Japan’s GDP growth decreased to –1% in 2008 and to –5.5% in 2009. Due ..

Europe: United Kingdom

Economic Advisor, Chemical Industries Association (CIA): Eastwood, A.

The United Kingdom (UK) is Europe’s fourth largest chemical economy, after Germany, France and Italy. It accounts for 8% of the European Union’s (EU’s) $900 billion overall chemical pro..

AFPM files petition for 2013 biodiesel volumes

The rule increased the volume of biomass-based diesel from 1 billion to 1.28 billion gallons.

Operational improvements proposed at Pine Bend refinery

The projects are expected to improve reliability, reduce key emissions and improve the refinery's ability to convert crude oil into transportation fuels.

Consider new technologies to raise diesel yield in bottom-of-barrel products

Axens: Morel, F.  |  Duddy, J.  |  Wisdom, L.

The debate continues over adding a new delayed coker vs. a residue hydrocracker upstream of an existing delayed coker.

HP Viewpoint: Age of turbulence: Charting the refining course toward a profitable future

Shell Global Solutions International BV: Ozmen, S. M.

High-performing enterprises draw on external expertise during all project phases, from scouting and front-end engineering and development through to operations.

HP Impact: Natural gas vehicles could be gaining traction

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

Natural gas vehicles could be gaining tractionA new report from PIRA Energy Group says that the sheer volume of US recoverable gas resources relative to expected demand suggests that benchmark Henry H..

Redefining reforming catalyst performance: High selectivity and stability

Axens: Le Goff, P.-Y.  |  Lopez, J.
Axens North America: Ross, J.

Highly developed CCR catalysts are more robust to ensure extended service over 7–9 years.

Upgrade heavy oil more cost-efficiently

Ivanhoe Energy: Cabrera, C. A.  |  Silverman, M. A.

A new technology can economically upgrade and significantly improve the properties of heavy oil by reducing viscosity, increasing gravity and removing contaminants.

Increase FCC processing flexibility by improved catalyst recycling methods

UOP LLC, a Honeywell Company: Wolschlag, L. M.
UOP LLC, a Honeywell Co.: Lippmann, M.

The dynamic global refining market emphasizes the need for greater operating flexibility in the fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit.