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China’s Sinopec seeks investors for $20 billion in oil retail unit sales

Sinopec’s move is its first step to meet a government promise to encourage more private investment in state-owned industries, as part of China’s biggest package of reforms since the 1990s.

Case history: Characterization of shale oils and heat exchanger performance

KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.: Sayles, S.  |  Romero, S.

LTOs are paraffinic, low in asphaltenes but high in filterable solids. Understanding the impact of these mechanisms can shed light on preheat exchanger performance and the prediction of fouling rates.

Optimize hydrogen plant efficiency with new MTS catalysts

Technip: Hartono, T.

To study the impact on plant efficiency of using MTS catalysts, a comparison case study was held between the HTS-based and MTS-based H2 designs currently in operation.

Improve the isomerization of alkanes by catalytic distillation

St. Petersburg State Institute: Lisitsyn, N. V.  |  Chuparev, E. V.  |  Zernov, P. A.

The isomerization of light gasoline fractions is crucial to producing high-octane fuels and to reducing the benzene content in gasoline. One of the most promising options for isomerization is catalytic distillation.

HP Editorial Comment: What’s next for the energy industry?

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Romanow, Stephany

Year-end always leads to insightful predictions for the upcoming 12 months and possibly some longer-term insights. In writing this editorial at the end of December, HP reviewed several 2014 outlooks t..

HP Viewpoint: Methanol: The other transportation fuel

Methanol Institute: Dolan, G. A.

In the US Congress, the Open Fuel Standard Act was introduced to direct automakers to have half of all new cars by the 2017 model year capable of operating on something other than gasoline, with model..

HP Industry Perspectives: New crude oil supplies stabilize oil prices

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Romanow, Stephany

A new US Energy Information Administration (EIA) report highlighted a positive trend unfolding within the global energy market. The rise in US crude oil production has greatly contributed to stabilizi..

HP News

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

US senator suggests lifting ban on oil exports    The Trans-Alaskan pipeline terminus in Valdez, Alaska. Photo courtesy of The Center for Land Use Interpretation. Senator Lisa Murk..

Optimize viscosity control in refining operations

Sofraser: Bellière, L.  |  Burg, P.  |  Chantereau, D.  |  Stanton, S. M.

Petroleum is one of the most important hydrocarbons in the global marketplace. It remains the primary source for liquid and transportation fuels, and it is the building block for product manufacturing..

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Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

US, Norway seek to improve CO2 capture The US and Norway have announced their commitment to support the global carbon capture and storage (CCS) test center network. In a joint release, the two co..