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Maintenance & Reliability

Vietnam's Dung Quat refinery to close for maintenance in March–April

Vietnam's Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical will shut down its 130,000-bpd Dung Quat refinery in March and April next year for major maintenance.

U.S. East Coast scrambles for distillates ahead of refiner maintenance

U.S. East Coast fuel suppliers are scrambling for distillate supplies ahead of planned maintenance at two key refineries that are set to further tighten supplies and boost prices in the populous region that already has low inventories ahead of winter.

Europe set for light autumn refinery maintenance as fuel markets tighten

European oil refiners are set to have an autumn maintenance season less busy than usual as they try to capture higher profit margins amid low fuel inventories and robust demand for gasoline and diesel.

Marathon Galveston Bay, Texas, (U.S.) FCC expected to be shut until late this week

The fire-damaged, gasoline-producing fluidic catalytic cracker at Marathon Petroleum's 593,000 bpd Galveston Bay Refinery in Texas City, Texas, is expected to be shut until late this week.

Brazil's Petrobras to make scheduled stoppage at Regap refinery

Brazilian state-run oil firm Petrobras will make a scheduled maintenance stoppage at its Gabriel Passos Refinery (Regap) in Minas Gerais state.

Online Exclusive: Advanced hydrocracking unit flow scheme optimization and integration approach to maximize refinery margins for a residue upgrading project

The integration of a solvent deasphalting (SDA) and hydrocracking upgrading complex provides a favorable techno-economic return for residue upgradation at relatively lower capital expenditures vs. other alternatives for a brownfield project.

Refineries’ pandemic turmoil—KNPC’s gasoline demand: Opportunities and challenges

Kuwait National Petroleum Co.: Matar, M. B.  |  Alqallaf, D. A.  |  Alesmail, I.  |  Al-Mutairi, F.

The COVID-19 pandemic is regarded as one of the most exceedingly difficult challenges faced in the oil and gas industry's history.

The preventive maintenance “Job Plan 2.0”

Contributing Editor: Benomar, B.

The purpose of a preventive maintenance (PM) plan is to sustain the functionality or condition of an asset based on pre-established job plans with tasks to be executed at regular operating hours, elapsed time periods or work cycles.

A simplified dynamic approach for storage tank thermal inbreathing rates

Covestro: Kim, J. S.  |  Haines, R. J.
Bechtel: Lopez, J. P.

Storage tanks that experience sudden heavy rain on what was a hot sunny day can be damaged due to inadequate venting devices.

Vietnam's largest refinery begins shutting down for maintenance

Vietnam's largest oil refinery has shut down some of its units, beginning a 55-day total shutdown for major maintenance.