Information Systems


Rhodes, Mike, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

For organizations to secure their operations and reduce cyber threats, a successful cybersecurity strategy requires solutions to secure endpoints—any device that is connected to a network outside of its firewall, including laptops, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), switches, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and more.

Real-time monitoring of creep damage for fired equipment tubes, employing advanced web platforms

Lindblade, M., Ray, C., Lee, H. S., ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Co.

Within the petrochemical industry, fired heater tubes and boilers experience high tube metal temperatures (TMTs) for extended periods of time.

Next-generation automation technology paves the way for sustainable H2 manufacturing

Pettus, N., Emerson

In the last few years, sustainability initiatives have started a dramatic shift from hydrocarbon to hydrogen (H2) production.

Digital Feature: Enhanced radar level measurement performance solves key challenges in downstream interface applications

The efficiency with which oil and water are separated and flow out of a separator into independent channels with as little product cross-contamination as possible, has a significant effect on the final product quality and profitability. Optimizing the separation process requires instrumentation that can accurately and reliably measure the interface level between the liquids.

Seeq achieves AWS Manufacturing and Industrial Competency

Seeq Corporation announced that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services Manufacturing and Industrial Competency.

How companies can take advantage of APM solutions to reduce planned maintenance

Brooks, M., AspenTech

According to Löfsten, “the costs of maintenance are estimated to be between 15% and 40% of production costs.” Consequently, efforts to reduce such costs without compromising risk to equipment, personnel safety and environmental integrity are welcomed.

How Bluetooth® technology extends the capabilities and connectivity of wired instrumentation

Wiens, M., Emerson

One day at a refinery, operators call an instrument tech to the control room and point to the screen.

Advanced compressor control and monitoring systems

Brun, K., Omatick, T., Elliott Group; Jacoby, J., Tri-Sen Turbomachinery Controls

Modern advanced control and monitoring systems for centrifugal compressors support compression plant operation at the highest possible efficiency, availability and reliability.

Variable-speed pumps and minimum flow control valves: Design and implementation

Lemmers, S. P. B., Hau, Y. F., Tan, P. C., Dialog E&C Sdn Bhd

Within hydrocarbon storage terminals, product pumps are the most vital rotating equipment for terminal operations and maintenance.

Maximizing profitability by operationalizing performance criteria

Parbhoo, R., Seeq

In the hydrocarbon and other process industries, engineering and operations teams have a fundamental responsibility to maximize asset profitability.