Industrial Maintenance Reinvented: The Age of the Digital Deskless Worker
7 April 2021

Sponsor: Honeywell 

Maintenance tasks in process industries are becoming ever more complex. New generations of frontline professionals are now tasked to maintain a wider range of intricate production assets. They now need to climb the learning curve faster to bring assets back to the optimal operational states that support the organization's production goals. Join this webinar to discover the mobility technologies that are enabling new generations of frontline maintainers to solve problems faster. We will explore through practical demonstrations how to enhance team collaboration and provide access to information for field teams to be more effective and reduce the time on task. 

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Making Your Autonomous Plant Vision a Reality
30 March 2021

Sponsor: LNS Research

Autonomous plant and remote operations are two areas that have generated strong interest due to COVID-19. LNS Research, the experts in Industrial Transformation, recently conducted a survey of 300+ respondents across several industries to examine Autonomy within plants and throughout the entire value chain.

Join Hydrocarbon Processing and LNS Research on Tuesday, March 30th, 2021, at 11 a.m. EDT for an informative webcast on Autonomous Operations.  Analyst Joe Perino will discuss LNS’ latest study on Remote Operations and Autonomy and how they link to Industrial Transformation success.

In this webcast, discover:

  • Characteristics of Autonomous systems and why you should choose Autonomy
  •  Challenges of Remote Operations and how you can successfully navigate them
  • How leadership and organizational culture directly impact Autonomous Operations
  • Next-Gen technology adoption and where companies are investing
  • What Industrial Transformation Leaders do differently than Followers to accelerate Autonomy
  • Recommendations on how you can effectively implement Autonomy
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How Digitalization Helps EPCs Profit from the “Next Normal” in Engineering & Construction
25 March 2021

Sponsor: AspenTech

According to a June 2020 McKinsey report, "The Next Normal in Construction," EPCs have an opportunity to double their profitability by embracing a handful of “emerging disruptors.”  One of these disruptors, digitalization of processes, is within reach of most EPCs and aligns with initiatives already underway at many firms.  Join us to learn more about:

  • McKinsey’s view on how emerging disruptors can drive dramatic improvement in profitability for EPCs
  • AspenTech’s approach to a more integrated, digital FEED process through standardization and connectivity of engineering information
  • Practical next steps you can take to accelerate your digitalization initiatives
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Project Data Tells the Story of Energy Transition
17 March 2021

Trends in traditional and new energy markets reveal major trends in global energy markets.  Oil infrastructure stages a comeback from historic lows, while natural gas, hydrogen  and renewables point the way to a very different energy future.

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The Need for Performance Twins: Predict, Diagnose and Forecast
23 February 2021

Sponsor: GE Digital 

Implementing Digital Twins is becoming a strategic necessity for many industrial companies. Although investment has increased, requirements and expectations have eroded, especially those of Digital Twin models

Learn the basics of how Digital Twin models should be built, how to scale & implement these models on assets and systems to create a twin and discover best practices for how to leverage these twins operationally to Predict, Diagnose and Forecast performance degradation as a part of your reliability work processes.

GE Digital is working directly with customers to operationalize Digital Twins in harmony with their business processes and asset management functions.

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Prevention & Re-Work of Off-Spec Product
9 February 2021

Sponsor: Pall Corporation

Who doesn’t dislike dealing with the inconvenience of off-spec product? Sub-par product not only limits production but also requires a cost-effective solution for rework/correction to be found and implemented quickly. 

Join the webinar to learn best practices for ensuring the prevention of off-spec products, with emphasis on products coming from amine treaters and caustic treaters, as well as, steps you can take to bring off-spec product back to appropriate quality should you encounter such an event.

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How Power and Process Integration Delivers Sustainable Operational Performance
26 January 2021

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

Refining and petrochemical producers face increased pressure to maximize margins while meeting sustainability targets. For any manufacturing operation, a resilient, dependable process control system and electrical system is critical. In this webinar, learn how integrating data into a single window for both process performance and electrical power consumption delivers performance, productivity and ultimately, profit gains.

Join James Ladd and Shebin Jalal to hear how combining electrical and process information can:

  • Give operators unified visibility to what is happening so they can decide on the next best action.
  • Respond to changing process conditions or power consumption conditions to maintain production.
  • Track and trend power consumption to identify potential equipment malfunction and wear.
  • Easily understand power usage to uncover energy saving opportunities
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Global Hydrogen Update: Charting a Course for a Low Carbon Future
25 January 2021

In the midst of the energy transition, hydrogen stands apart as a versatile alternative fuel, which can be utilized in a wide range of situations. Join the Gulf Energy Information research team as they review the following:

  • the current state of the hydrogen market
  • assess the development status of key projects around  the globe
  • discuss the policies and regulatory factors shaping the future development of this vital market segment.

With researchers based in London, Houston and Mumbai, Gulf Energy Information is your market intelligence source for the international energy industry, with project insights covering Hydrogen, Gas Processing/LNG, Refining/Petrochemicals, Renewables and Oil & Gas Pipelines.

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