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Turn Up Your Process Heater Performance with New Connected Combustion Insights
13 October 2021

Sponsors: OnPoint, A Koch Engineered Solutions Company

Fired heaters represent an area of high risk for operating companies. Global monitoring of combustion variables is essential for maintaining basic operations and a minimum level of safety. In this webinar we will discuss a new platform which transforms the way operators monitor and optimize their fired heaters for improvements in emissions, safety, reliability, and profitability.

Top tier refiners and chemical producers are experimenting with and implementing analytics and machine learning tools promising to boost throughput and efficiencies while reducing downtimes. The issue is that while many of these solutions can help expose problems, they don’t advise how to correct them. OnPoint’s EMBER™ software is unique in that it uses analytics and machine learning in combination with first-principle models from industry leading subject matter experts to provide real-time actionable recommendations to optimize your process heater combustion performance.

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Powering Digital Transformation in the Process Industries
8 October 2021

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

This webinar will review the trends in digitization that are driving global digital transformation efforts. In this case, the focus will be on the process industries and getting the most value from these efforts. We will explore why a departure from a business as usual approach is essential and the power that analytics and data aggregation can bring to this manufacturing sector. We will close by reviewing how EcoStruxure Plant Advisor- Process Performance Console is necessary to enable transformative performance in the process manufacturing sector.

This webcast will cover:

  1. Explanation of the role of digital transformation in the process industries
  2. Understanding the power that data analytics and associated information aggregation can provide
  3. The introduction of Ecostruxure Plant Advisor - Process Performance Console as the means to access and provide the data to transform and drive operational excellence
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Overcoming Seasonal Cooling Problems in Distillation Column Overheads
21 September 2021

Sponsor:  Aggreko

Some of the most ubiquitous and, in our opinion, most serious problems confronting operators are the results of seasonal or diurnal variations in ambient air and cooling water temperatures. Generally, distillation column overhead cooling systems are designed for some sort of average summertime cooling water or air temperature. These are routinely exceeded, according to seasonal weather data, for extended periods during the peak summer months. Also, over time, column throughputs have been increased as units were debottlenecked or when other process changes were made. On occasion, purity specifications may change, inexorably becoming more stringent.

We will show examples of how it is feasible to restore column overheads cooling capacities to winter-like conditions by installing temporary, or seasonal, supplemental cooling solutions. Also, we discuss some of these techniques that have been proven successful in a large number of past applications in the petroleum refining, petrochemical, and complex chemicals industries.

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Technology Introduction: The Next Generation of FCC Feed Injectors
15 September 2021

Sponsor: Lummus

As fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) feed injection is a significant element in reaching targeted yields within the FCC unit, the feed injectors themselves are a lynchpin in delivering the desired performance. Many factors have driven the continual evolution of feed injection technology to effectively and efficiently vaporize the FCC feedstock and quickly quench the hot regenerated catalyst in the reaction zone when the two come into contact.

Join us for a virtual introduction as Lummus Technology launches the latest innovation in FCC feed injectors. This webcast will highlight how refiners can achieve improved yield performance from faster feedstock vaporization, while addressing operational challenges in areas such as feed circuit hydraulics, steam usage and the cost of retrofitting hardware.

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Attaining Operational Efficiency at Your Refinery
25 August 2021

In these volatile times. there is nothing more important than operational excellence.  Refineries can drive operational excellence and turn market opportunities into sustainable business value by applying performance intelligence.  Extend information transparency, power supply chain agility, increase asset reliability, and optimize efficiency from edge to enterprise.  This starts with efficiency.  Break down silos and empower teams with real-time situational awareness to improve decision making.  In this presentation Aveva will outline several steps your refinery can take today to increase efficiency on your way to operational excellence.

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Decarbonizing Downstream: Compression and Driver Equipment Technologies and Applications
19 August 2021

Sponsor:  Siemens Energy

Refineries and other industrial plants are under increased pressure to reduce their carbon emissions.  but the solutions need to be cost-effective for operators to remain competitive.

Please join us for this webcast and learn how technical advances in gas turbines and compressors can improve the efficiency and fuel flexibility of existing assets.  Two reference cases will explore how a petrochemical operator and a refiner upgraded and revamped their equipment to reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainability with their existing asset footprint. Our experts will discuss:

  • Advances in portfolio and technologies addressing climate impact
  • Gas turbines preparedness for hydrogen/hybrid fuel transition
  • Centrifugal and reciprocating compressor technologies and applications

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Green Circle: Focused on the World of Tomorrow
11 August 2021

Sponsor: Lummus Technology

This webinar will introduce Green Circle, a division of Lummus Technology established in 2020 to focus on technology for the circular economy, renewable chemicals/fuels, and decarbonization of energy and assets. You will learn about Green Circle's technology innovation areas, proprietary offerings, and strategic partnerships. 

Green Circle SMEs will share key insights on currently available technologies for licensing, our vision for the Energy Transition and the role that Lummus and our industry partners can play in accelerating this transformation.

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Speeding Up the Engineering from Concept to Design
4 August 2021

Sponsor: Siemens

Within an environment which is increasingly competitive and complex, projects within process industries are under scrutiny. About 80 percent of the total cost of a plant project is determined during the process design phase, which is why a reliable set of engineering deliverables and cost estimations at this stage is essential. 

The value of streamlined business processes and standardized designs is typically underestimated, but it is key for reduce CAPEX. Chevron Lummus has achieved significant benefits by standardizing their pre-FEED projects design packages.

Join our webinar and learn how standardized designs since FEED phase actually impact a project and reduces CAPEX and what was the approach Chevron Lummus has applied. 

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