Atlas Copco Integrally-Geared Compressors
10 April 2018

Our integrally-geared centrifugal compressors are built with integrally-geared technology, the industry’s most compact and efficient compressor design. Offering accurate process control, top reliability and excellent efficiency, they are found at the heart of key processes around the world. Contact an Atlas Copco Gas and Process to find out more:

IRPC Europe 2018 Promo
10 April 2018

For ten years, Hydrocarbon Processing’s International Refining and Petrochemical Conference (IRPC) has been the leading downstream technology event. For 2018, IRPC Europe will be held in Milan, Italy on June 5–7. The two-day conference and exhibition will provide a high-level technical forum in which key players in the global petrochemical and refinery sector will meet to share knowledge and learn about best practices and the latest industry advance

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HP March 2018 issue
1 March 2018

Editor and Assistant Publisher of Hydrocarbon Processing, Lee Nichols, highlights our March issue.

Industrial Wireless - 10 Year Timeline of Wireless Innovation
28 February 2018

Emerson has pioneered industrial wireless technology for the last decade.

Highlights from the last 10 years:

2008: First WirelessHART transmitter and Gateway shipped

2010: First Wireless THUM(TM) Adapter

2016: First Wireless Pressure Gauge with WirelessHART 

Emerson is the proven standard for industrial wireless solutions. What can we help do? Want to know more about Emerson's decade of experience with wireless? Watch our 10 Years of Wireless Innovation video or visit our Industrial Wireless page on

How to Save on Filtration and Separation Equipment in Oil & Gas and Chemical
28 February 2018

For refineries, chemical and gas plants, when is saving on operating costs and being more efficient a hard decision? It's not! It's a NO BRAINER. You can retrofit your existing filters and separators with better performing, more efficient filter elements from Pentair. Or you can rent vessels with no capital outlay. Go to for more information and get started today!

High Performance Liquid-Liquid Separation by Pentair
1 February 2018

Liquid-liquid separation is the process of separating two immiscible liquids. Efficient liquid-liquid separation ensures product quality and water specifications, and eliminates numerous process issues. Pentair can separate two immiscible fluids with the specific gravity differences as low as 0.02, and deliver effluent concentrations lower than 5 parts per million.

Pentair's Pure Pack Mobile Water Treatment System
1 January 2018

Produced and process water streams face a wide range of challenges and existing hydrocyclones, walnut shell filters and other separators don't produced the water clarity at the cost that is needed. Pentair's Pure Pack systems is modular, scalable and as a rental unit is virtually hands off for operators. Learn more at

HP January 2018 Digital
1 January 2018

HP Editor Lee Nichols highlights top topics covered in the January 2018 issue of Hydrocarbon Processing, with a Special Focus on Alternative Feedstocks/Biofuels