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SAR Technology Inc. contracts MECS for spent e-grade acid regeneration plant

SAR Technology Inc., located in Tainan, Taiwan, has contracted with MECS, Inc., a subsidiary of Elessent Clean Technologies, for the supply of MECS proprietary technology and equipment in support of a new spent acid regeneration plant. By incorporating MECS sulfuric acid recovery technology in its electronic grade sulfuric acid plant, SAR Inc. will position themselves as a reliable supplier of regenerable high purity sulfuric acid and will be able to provide significant support to the semiconductor industry in Taiwan which is the world’s largest consumption country of e-grade sulfuric acid.

“SAR Inc. chose MECS because we know their sulfuric acid technology and equipment are top of the line. By selecting MECS regeneration technology, in combination with SAR Inc. patented technology, our new plant will regenerate acid waste for reuse by our semiconductor customers and meet the government’s progressive environmental objectives. Our company is in a unique position as the semiconductor industry booms in Taiwan, and as such, it is very important to SAR Inc. to be able to contribute to a circular economy to help semiconductor clients achieve their ESG and sustainability goals” said Johnny Fang, CEO and founder, SAR Technology, Inc.

The semiconductor industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and its manufacturing process creates numerous by-product waste streams. Disposal of this waste has become a challenge with the extreme growth experienced by the industry, and one way to combat waste disposal issues is by recycling the by-product spent acid from semiconductor fabrication. MECS designs sulfuric acid regeneration plants to balance operating temperature, acid concentrations and corrosion rates to ensure consistent, productive uptime of the equipment while guaranteeing environmental compliance and offering proven protection of plant equipment from acid condensation. MECS technology also meets the rigorous quality requirements of high-quality e-grade acid making it a perfect fit for regeneration in the semiconductor industry.

“We are highly active in the market, and every manufacturer in the industry wishes to embrace a circular economy on waste streams, especially at a time with such high demand. It is exciting to work with SAR Inc. who is shouldering the responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the e-grade acid supply chain.” said Eli Ben-Shoshan, CEO, Elessent.

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