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Sponsored Content: An Introduction to Grab Sampling

Grab sampling, also known as spot sampling, laboratory sampling, field sampling, or sometimes just sampling—involves the collection of a sample fluid in a pipeline, tank, or system. The sample is then analyzed to help operators validate process conditions, evaluate products for environmental emissions according to local regulations, and detect whether the product is up to customer specifications. Importantly, grab sampling is a process that must be performed in accordance with established best practices and with reliable equipment. If performed incorrectly, the integrity of the sample can be compromised, offering operators an inaccurate analysis of their processes that may negatively influence decision-making. This white paper will detail grab sampling best practices for both gaseous and liquid fluid system media, the characteristics of well-designed and easily operable grab sampling systems, and how to reliably achieve grab sampling accuracy.

Read the full Whitepaper, "An Introduction to Grab Sampling," by Matt Dixon, Application Commercialization Manager, Swagelok.

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